March 29th: Meiji Black Chocolate

Kcal 367 Fat 23.7g Carbs 32.2g

My friends at J-List have sent me some further products to sample from their extensive range of Japanese goods. Included in my latest package was this Meiji Black bar - unfortunately due to my lacking Japanese language skills I can't really tell you much about the bar from its on pack description. From what I understand though Meiji is a very popular brand in Japan and by the looks of their range on J-List they offer a very wide ranging set of flavours.

This bar came in quite a weird format in that it came in a large, yet thin 65.0g size. I thought the presentation was pretty good, with the product contained within both a sleek looking paper wrapper and a foil layer for freshness. The bar itself also looked aesthetically pleasing with its shiny complexion. Each block was also branded with the Meiji logo which is always a nice thing to see. The aroma that emanated from the bar had relative appeal; the smell was quite dairy led however I could also detect a slight smokiness.

Due to the aforementioned language barrier I couldn't tell what % cocoa the chocolate was, however I wouldn't expect it to be all that high. With the name 'Black Chocolate' I was really expecting quite a concentrated taste, though what I found was that it was actually really not that strong. The chocolate had a very prominent milky undertone that was consistently present throughout the duration of the experience. The creamy base flavours made for a surprisingly sweet taste, which stopped the roasted cocoa flavours from ever becoming bitter. Although it was nice in this sense and had a nice thickness to its melt, I thought it did make the chocolate a little one dimensional. Half a bar provided an adequate snack, though I wouldn't say it was the richest dark chocolate I have ever had.

Overall I found this to be a pretty 'run of the mill' dark chocolate offering. This is my first experience of dark chocolate from Japan so I don't know if this is the standard for dark chocolate from this area, but for me I just found the whole thing a little reserved in the ferocity of its flavours. The creamy undertone made for a resoundingly friendly offering, though I just felt it limited the impact of the cocoa which never fully managed to rise above the milk rooted flavours to exert itself fully. For dark chocolate begginers this would be a nice bar to start with. For people looking for a richer, fuller flavoured experience this probably isn't a bar for you.

7.4 out of 10