March 29th: Oatfield Chocolate Peppermints

Kcal 378 Fat 4.0g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 88.0g (per 100.0g)

Continuing my look at Ireland's finest confectionery courtesy of *The Irish Shop* I today tried my luck with these Oatfield Chocolate Peppermints. Described as 'crisp mints with soft chocolate centres', these were a similar proposition to Cadbury Eclairs, but just with glacier mint replacing the outer caramel.

*The Irish Shop* sent me a 96.0g bag that contained about 20 wrapped sweets. The outer packaging looked very similar to the Emerald Caramel Eclairs I reviewed a few weeks ago, combined with the green foil wrappers I thought the product was all presented to a good standard. The mints themselves were not the most exciting looking, but when inspected closely the inner chocolate could just be made out sitting in the middle of each piece. Surprisingly when opened the bag was completely scentless, it was not until the individual foil wrappers were unwrapped that the pleasant minty smells emanated from the pieces.

I do like a good mint, and these were well received. The mint flavours were not overly intense and had a slight milky, creamy nature to their taste. The peppermint oil brought a nice refreshing edge, whilst the smallest intermittent salt lick made for a really moreish taste. At the heart of each piece the chocolate element provided a nice variation to the mint flavours, with a nice burst of cocoa that stayed present for a short time in the mouth. I felt it didn't quite bring the same sort of WOW factor as with the Cadbury Eclairs, however the chocolate was certainly a welcome addition, and just delivered an extra flavour dimension.

Overall although not the most spectacular product I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing, it was certainly a solid one and quite unique nonetheless. These aren't the sort of product you will want to consume all in one go, though they were great to have as a bag sitting on my work desk that I occasionally dug into. They provided a nice way to freshen up my mouth with just the smallest of chocolaty hits - if your a mint lover then I would recommend them.

7.3 out of 10