March 2nd: Milka Ski Gaudi

Kcal 575 Fat 37.5g Fat(sats) 20.5g Carbs 52.g (per 100.0g)

Those lovely fellows at Dean-German-Grocery have again sent me across the latest new Milka variants. Milka is the sponsor of the 2009 Alpine World Ski Championships - hence the winter sports themed flavours. Today I sampled the 'Ski Gaudi' variant - a bar that was formed of 'Alpine Milk Chocolate, with a milk creme and hazelnut crocant filling' ... this sounded pretty promising to me.

As with every 100.0g Milka bar I split it in half and ate the product in two separate servings. The presentation was standard Milka style, the picture on the front proved to be an accurate representation, as you can see above the filling looked appetising and took up a large proportion of the total bar. I found the smell of the product quite alluring, it had a strong, sweet caramel like fragrance that was extremely forthcoming and gave good insight to the taste.

This was a bar that had a number of different elements to its taste, though just as the smell proposed it was very sweet indeed - even for Milka. The overall taste of the product was creamy and sweet with just a little touch of nut in its aftertaste. The Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate provided an extremely enjoyable coating to the filling and substantiated a pleasant base chocolate. The milk creme had a touch of caramel to it, which just further extended the range of the flavours with a slight burnt sugar tinge. The slight disappointment for me came in the form of the hazelnut crocant. The crystallised pieces added a nice contrastive texture to the smoothness of the chocolate and the creme, though they offered little in the way of extra nutty flavours ... to be honest they seemed more like crunchy caramel pieces. As aforementioned the taste was exceedingly sweet, despite feeling far from completely fulfilled I definitely could not have eaten anymore than 50.0g at a time.

Overall this was a nice enough flavour variation from Milka, however I expect this could be a little sweet for some peoples tastes. The milk chocolate was of course of a good quality, and the idea to add a touch of caramel to the milk creme proved to be beneficial. Personally I would have preferred actual nut pieces rather than the sugary crocant, as this probably would have delivered a better nut representation. If you can handle your sweet chocolate this is definitely a bar well worth checking out.

7.8 out of 10