March 31st: Lindt Creola Ek Chuah

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Dean-German-Grocery have been kind enough to send me along the newest product line to emerge from Lindt - their Creola range. I today sample the 'Ek Chuah', a bar that was formed of 'milk chocolate filled with hazelnut nougat creme and cocoa bean chips'. I must say the cocoa bean chips sounded like an innovative element to me, which raised my anticipation ever so slightly more.

The Creola range appear to come in 150.0g bars - I ate this particular one over the course of three days. Typically the presentation was all rather good, with the wrapper exhibiting some really classy artistic decoration. I did have a small gripe with the bar itself in that it was only split into ten quite large blocks. Although each looked superb with delicately embossed logos, their size was just a little too large for my liking ... 15.0g a block is really quite sizable when you think about it. Regardless the bar was nicely kept within a branded foil layer that maintained both the wonderfully enticing cocoa smells and the general aesthetics of the product.

Seemingly you can always trust Lindt to produce the goods with their milk chocolate, and there was further evidence of this here. It was fantastic in both texture and taste - with the smooth, thick melt releasing the creamy, sweetened cocoa flavours at a wonderful rate. Beneath the milk chocolate lay a slightly softer nougat layer - the transition in the melt felt simply superb and immensely luxurious. As well as having a nice feel in the mouth the nougat layer was full of nutty, hazelnut flavours. It retained much of the creaminess from the milk chocolate, though its nuttier taste was a nice change-up. Dispersed throughout the nougat layer the small cocoa bean particles made for a delightful finish to each piece. Letting the blocks melt away on the mouth left the cocoa bean remnants, which delivered a crunchy, burst of powerful cocoa flavours for the aftertaste - delicious! As with most Lindt milk chocolate bars I didn't find this the most fulfilling, 50.0g provided a reasonable degree of satisfaction though.

Overall this was a great first showing from the Creola range, and I am hoping that all the other bars from the selection can live up to this level. The milk chocolate and hazelnut nougat layers were immensely tasty, and up to Lindt usual high standards. What really put this bar above some others I have reviewed though were the sheer delightful amount of different textures present, with the smooth milk chocolate contrasting nicely with the softer nougat and crunchy cocoa bean pieces. If your a fan of all things Lindt I strongly suggest this as a bar you should get acquainted with.

8.4 out of 10