March 31st: Oreo (Japan)

Kcal 473 Fat 20.5g Carbs 67.4g (per 95.4g – 9 biscuits)

The goodies from J-List just keep on coming and today I got the chance to sample some Oreo cookies all the way from Japan. Of course this was a review that simply couldn’t be done without a pack of UK Oreos at hand for comparison, which I may add are no different whatsoever to the product available in the US.

J-List were kind enough to send me a pack of 18 cookies, that were then split into two separate foil bags of 9. Of course I couldn’t possibly eat all these cookies by myself so I did the unthinkable and actually shared with a few friends (it was actually quite useful as it allowed me to get their opinions as well!!). Collectively we all liked the presentation, it was all very familiar with its blue and white colour scheme, though we thought the authentic Japanese writing gave it a rather cool look. Aesthetically the cookies appeared no different whatsoever to the UK ones, however it was commented that the Japanese ones smelt more chocolaty with their sweet, biscuity aromas.

The taste comparison was done whilst consuming a nice afternoon cup of tea … I don’t think that could be anymore British sounding if I tried. Anyway, after much dunking, separating of layers and of course deliberation it was generally a shared view that the Japanese Oreos had a little bit more of a cocoa edge to their overall taste. Fundamentally the biscuit elements tasted the same, offering very similar malty, sweet buttery elements to the taste. The slight variation came in the ever so slightly more longing impact of the cocoa in the aftertaste, which in the Japanese cookies seemed to stay in the mouth that little bit longer after consumption. The inner crèmes were pretty much identical in their sweet, milky flavours, though the Japanese crèmes seemed just a tad lighter and moister in texture.

Overall it was a common conclusion that if we were all blindfolded we didn’t think we would easily be able to tell the difference between the Japanese and UK/US Oreos. As I have stated above there were ever so slight differences in the taste of the biscuit and textures of the crème fillings, however these were only truly noticeable as we were very much looking for any discrepancies. If you are interested in Japanese products and would like to try see if there are any differences yourself I suggest you head to J-List. If it is taste alone you are interested in, then you best just stick with what we have here.