March 3rd: Maltesers MaltEaster

Kcal 155 Fat 9.2g Carbs 16.3g

You may have seen these appear in the shops around January time, though I thought I would save this review for closer to Easter as it felt a bit more fitting. I can't say I recall seeing these Maltesers MaltEaster last year, so I am presuming this is actually a bit of new product development from Mars ... not often we say that now. Formed of a 'milk chocolate bunny, with a crunchy and creamy Maltesers centre', it definitely sounded worth trying.

I bought the product in my local Sainsbury's for 59p. On reflection this was a pretty hefty price considering the quite lacklustre fulfilment it provided with its 29.0g. Anyway, the whole thing was presented well - the wrapper was well coloured and incorporated the usual Maltesers look well with a Easter theme. The piece itself was rather daintily formed, and looked particularly pleasant cross-sectioned when it revealed the creme like centre. The smell however, was a bit less spectacular only offering a minor sweet, malty smell.

I was really quite surprised to find that this Maltesers bunny actually tasted really quite nice. The outer milk chocolate was nothing special, though still provided a pleasant tasting milk chocolate coating - that on the whole did its job. The real shining star for me though was the creme like centre, it surprisingly was a lot more intricate than the standard honeycomb Maltesers centres. The filling was wonderfully creamy, with the malt flavours really creating a nice moreishness. The texture was wonderfully smooth, and was complimented superbly by some small honeycomb pieces that not only added bursts of honey flavour but also a crunchy interest. The only downfall with this product was its size, had it been larger this would have been an even more enjoyable experience as it really just wasn't that satisfying.

Overall this was a simply delicious product, however it just let itself down with its small size and relatively high price tag. The milk chocolate was unspectacular yet adequate, with the real depth of flavours coming from the wonderfully creamy malt centre. If you like your Maltesers then I really suggest you give one of these a try this Easter - you may want to wait until the Easter sales before you get addicted to them though.

7.8 out of 10