March 4th: Milka Snowboard Fun

Kcal 520 Fat 28.5g Fat(sats) 16.0g Carbs 61.0g (per 100.0g)

Following on from my review of the Milka Ski Guadi a few days ago, I today tried the second of the three new Milka variants the Milka Snowboard Fun - a bar formed of 'Milka White Chocolate with a yoghurt and wild berry filling'. Although I wasn't really looking forward to reuniting my taste buds with the Milka White Chocolate, the wild berry filling included flavourings of cranberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, which certainly made for an interesting proposition.

I ate the 100.0g bar over two sittings, both of which provided reasonably satisfying snack portions. I liked the aesthetics of the bar, the packaging was in the standard Milka style with the purple theme predominant. The interest of the presentation really came in the form of the bar itself where the red syrupy filling looked appetising sandwiched in between the two lighter coloured chocolate and yoghurt layers. What immediately struck me about this product was the forthcoming smell that emanated from the bar. It was fruity, yet a little synthetic ... as much as I wanted to hate it for its cheap like aroma, I actually found it relatively tempting.

When I reviewed the Milka White Chocolate solus I really didn't rate it ... it just seemed so monotomous in its shockingly sweet flavours, thankfully I can say that in this bar where it wasn't such a focal point it was far better suited. The white chocolate was still very sweet, though its creamy flavours were highlighted more greatly when eaten in tandem with the slightly soured yohgurt filling. Much as the smell of the bar suggested the wild berry flavours were very dominant and really added an extra dimension to the taste. The artificial generation of the berry flavours was unquestionable, though their fruity, tart influence was highly enjoyable against the milky, sweeter flavours of the chocolate and yogurt. All these fantastic flavours were delivered in delightfully different textures, with the chocolate melting beautifully into the drier yoghurt filling, all of which was complimented nicely by the moist wild berry syrup.

Overall I really thought this wasn't going to be a bar I was going to enjoy, but truth be told I grew really quite fond of this bar by the time I had finished it. As I have said the wild berry implementation was obviously artificial with the use of flavourings, but it was still efficient in delivering some delicious zingy, fruity flavours that balanced the sweetness of the bar nicely. If your a white chocolate fan I would strongly suggest you give this a bar a try, I wasn't expecting to ever say this about a bar that includes Milka White Chocolate but this is definitely a product I would have again.

8.1 out of 10