March 7th: EASTER 2009 Mini Eggs Superpost Part 2

Having brought you Part 1 of my Easter 2009 Mini Eggs superposts last week, I have expanded my research further afield thanks to a little helping hand from my best buddies at Dean-German-Grocery. Just as I did last week I will offer my concise views on the following products:

Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Egg:
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) Carbs ???

These bigger Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Eggs have been gracing the shelves of my local Tesco since January, and I have not let them slip by without passing my eye over one. This egg was basically just a larger form of the mini Lindor eggs you will see below, and came in a 28.0g serving. It looked fantastic, and actually split quite easily with little force, which allowed it to be consumed in a nice four mouthfuls. When unwrapped the cocoa soon made its presence felt with a forthcoming smell that certainly proved very enticing.

There was no doubting that this was one fabulous tasting egg. The Lindor filling was its usual luxurious smoothness, I swear not another truffle on the market can touch it for its silky feel in the mouth. As expected The cocoa flavours were more pronounced than with Lindt milk chocolate and certainly made for an extremely tasty experience. Unfortunately the only slight downfall came in the longevity of the flavours, which is always a problem with the fast melting texture.

Overall this was a very enjoyable egg, though it really did not provide much in the way of hunger fulfilment or total satisfaction. The 60% dark chocolate recipe established some very fine, notable cocoa flavours, but just lacked the sustainability element with the nature of the quick to melt truffle centre. Very much worth checking out if your a Lindt fan.

7.8 out of 10

Aero Egg:

Kcal 128 Fat 7.5g Fat(sats) 6.8g Carbs 13.8g (per egg)

I cant recall seeing this egg on the market last year, and what with the 'new' logo placed on the wrapper I am assuming this is in fact a piece of innovation from Nestle. This was pretty much what you would expect from the Aero brand - simply an egg formed of milk chocolate with an aerated filling. The presentation was all pretty standard - the egg was contained within a foil package which maintained both the aesthetic and sweet aromatic qualities of the product. I was a little bemused to see Nestle branding on the egg and not Aero, though to be honest I must admit I only made that observation when I was looking over the photo as I wrote this review.

The taste was ... well ... of Aero. Very sweet in its chocolaty flavours, with a little less emphasis on the cocoa than I would have liked. As I have said previously regarding Aero there is little to dislike, though it really just lacks a definitive taste to stand out from the rest of the milk chocolate market. The inner aerated texture did add interest to the piece, though of course this made the egg lack in substantiality.

Overall if your a fan of aerated chocolate I guess there is some enjoyment to be had here if your after a small chocolaty snack. For the rest of you though I wouldn't really recommend this product as it lacks 'bang for your buck' ... i.e. this 24.0g single egg neither brings anything new to the table or any great deal of satisfaction.

6.8 out of 10

Lindt Lindor Mini Eggs:

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Dean-German-Grocery most kindly sent me a 100.0g full of these assorted Lindt Lindor Mini Eggs. Contained within were several tiny Lindor eggs in milk, dark and white chocolate forms. Presentation was yet again to be marvelled at - the bag was a magnificent gold colour and the eggs themselves were all intricately wrapped in small branded Lindor wrappers. Upon opening the plastic bag the eggs were so tightly wrapped they did not release any aroma of note, though once peeled from their foil wrappers their individual scents were relatively forthcoming.

I must say I really enjoyed all of the three different variants. Each captured the wonderful melting centres of the Lindor format superbly in the sugnature silky smooth texture, though this also proved somewhat problematic as it meant individually the eggs did not leave sustained flavours in the mouth. The dark chocolate eggs were obviously the strongest tasting out of the three, and their richer cocoa flavours meant this was less of an issue in comparison to the milkier white chocolate and the sweeter milk chocolate variants.

Overall these eggs tasted absolutely superb though the extra smooth Lindor truffle format meant they were devilishly moreish. The 100.0g bag I had lasted a matter of minutes shared between three people. For taste I highly recommend, but I warn you these are by no means a fulfilling product.

7.9 out of 10

Kinder Softy Mini Eggs:

Kcal 57 Fat 3.8g Carbs 4.7g (per mini egg)

Your going to have to bear with my poor translating skills here as these were another product sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery, hence the packaging was obviously all in German. These eggs were formed of 'milk chocolate coatings with hazelnut creme filled wafers' - in essence think of a cross between Kinder Surprise and Kinder Bueno in mini egg form. Again I received these in a 100.0g bag and was instantly impressed with the very recognisable Kinder themed presentation. The eggs were smartly decorated in branded gold wrappers and looked wonderfully tempting when cross-sectioned. I must also comment on the very alluring chocolate biscuit like smells that were released when I opened the plastic bag ... they were extremely enticing.

I have to say I really did enjoy these eggs though there were a few slight areas of improvement I could suggest. The outer milk chocolate layer was extremely thin and did not leave much of a lasting impression in the mouth. The small amounts of flavour that were contributed however were fantastic and really made for a delightful diary led sweet taste. The wafers added little in terms of flavour but delivered big in terms of bringing a pleasant crunch to the textures. As with a lot of Kinder products the shining star of these mini eggs were the hazelnut creme fillings ... which were beyond superb. Nutty ... creamy ... buttery and just incredibly moreish.

Overall although lacking in substantiality these eggs really made up for it with their combination of luxurious textures and flavour combinations. As aforementioned the outer chocolate needed to be greater in its proportion, though it must be said that hazelnut cremes do not come better than from Kinder - recommended.

8.0 out of 10