April 10th: Kit Kat Yellow & White Peach

Kcal 69 Fat 4.0g Carbs 7.7g (per 12.3g)

Kit Kat just keep pumping out the flavours in Japan, and J-List just keep on sending them over for me to review. J-List are forever updating their product lines and stock, so it is very much worth keeping an eye on their website if it is Japanese Snacks that your are interested in. Today I sampled these Yellow & White peach flavour variants that came in 'Mini' Kit Kat form.

I reviewed some 'Mini' Kit Kats last year and was largely impressed at how well they established their flavours despite their small 12.3g size. J-List sent me a bag of twelve, in which six of each of the yellow and white peach variants were included. The mini Kit Kats came in a very presentable foil bag as well as individual foil wrappers. I thought both looked aesthetically pleasing, whilst they also maintained each piece in good condition. The smells that emanated from both variants were very similar, with each smelling incredibly fruity if a little artificial with their sweet peachy scents.

I decided to not review these variants separately as they fundamentally provided the same sort of proposition. Much like the smell suggested the peach fruit flavours were very assertive at establishing a firm grip on the taste. The 'Yellow Peach' flavour was the strongest in terms of its fruit flavours, though at times the sharp citrus taste did strike me as quite artificial. The 'White' variant was a little more subdued in its flavours and had more a less imposing milky smoothness to its taste. In both the wafer element established some nice savoury, wheaty flavours whilst the creme contained within the wafer layers brought a very satisfying, cool, cream based element to the dominant fruit influence. Of course with the small size of the pieces each individual Kit Kat was not the most fulfilling ... to be honest I don't know why they didn't just make them in standard size.

Overall there is no doubting that all these flavour variants that Kit Kat are producing are certainly making for an interesting product range. Personally I wouldn't say these are the best from their extensive range, though I would definitely say that fans of fruit flavours and peaches will certainly be able to get some pleasure from these particular flavours. The peach flavours did taste a little on the artificial side, though on reflection this was certainly better than the flavour not being delivered whatsoever. If your a Kit Kat fan then I would say these are worth a try.

7.2 out of 10