April 12th: Hershey's Skor

Kcal 200 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 25.0g

One of my first ever entries on ChocolateMission was a review of Kraft's Daim Bar. Ever since I have been meaning to try Hershey's equivalent product - the Hershey's Skor. Thanks to *IShop4You* thirteen months later down the line I have finally got my wish, and I today got my chance to see if it was in fact any better. I have read on Wiki that the Skor was actually first launched in 1981 to compete with another very similar bar called the 'Heath'. In 1996 Hershey's purchased Leaf Inc, who produced the 'Heath' - subsequently Hershey's now produce both bars under the Hershey's name ... puzzling huh!?

The Skor came in a 39.0g serving size, which certainly proved to a far more sensible size than the minuscule Daim. In regards to the packaging I wasn't all that impressed or turned off by it ... to me it just looked like a standard Hershey's product. Out its wrapper the bar looked quite similar to the Daim, though the chocolate did have a slightly dusty looking complexion that I am going to put down to the adverse conditions that the bar had to travel to get to me. The smell of the product was quite mild, yet pleasant enough. It was nothing more than I can describe as sweet, with just a small buttery hint.

On the packet the bar stated 'delicious chilled', given that I truly obliged and left it in the fridge for a good few hours before eating it. This proved a very worthwhile thing to do, as it certainly made the rather thin coating of outer chocolate last that little bit longer whilst it warmed in the mouth. The texture of the chocolate was somewhat grainy, much like its dusted look suggested. Saying that it tasted fair enough and managed to substantiate a sweet, chocolaty background taste. As sweet as the chocolate was, it was nothing compared to the brittle toffee centre. In comparison to the Daim the flavours were far more toffee led with less of an almond influence. The buttery, sweet influences delivered a nice taste, though unfortunately were not the longest lasting in the mouth. The 39.0g bar certainly made for a pretty standard snack size, and did its job adequately.

Overall due to size alone I would have to say I preferred this to the Daim. It varied slightly in its toffee flavours, with a little less impetuous placed on the almond and more on the buttery sweet flavours. The chocolate quality again wasn't all that great, though did a fair job that I wouldn't complain about too much. This isn't a bar I would be rushing to have again in the near future, however if your a fan of the Daim this is probably one well worth checking out ... if only for curiosity.

7.0 out of 10