April 13th: Meiji Rich Pistachio Chocolate

Kcal 272 Fat 19.1g Carbs 21.6g (per 45.0g bar)

As a self confessed pistachio nut addict I was really looking forward to trying this Meiji offering. Of course this was a bar sent to me by the wonderful folk at J-List, I am continually being amazed that I am now able to review such a wide range of Japanese products. One thing that I am going to quickly have to rectify though is my inability to read Japanese ... apart from the 'Meiji Rich Pistachio Chocolate' branding I failed to determine what any other of the on pack description meant.

This bar came in a 45.0g form that I ate in one solitary sitting. The outer packaging certainly looked very 'loud' with its very outlandish green foil look, whilst as you can see above the chocolate itself was suitably a more refrained pale green. The bar was extremely thin, and looked none to different to a Caramac with the obvious colour and branding differences aside. In regards to its smell the bar had a very appealing nutty aroma that just had the smallest hint of coffee.

As I have mentioned already the bar was extremely thin, thus meaning that individually the pieces didn't last that long in the mouth. This didn't stop the melt having a fantastic smoothness, though for my liking I would have preferred the bar to have had fewer, yet bigger chunks. The bar had much of a likeness to white chocolate but just with a heavy nut influence. The earthy, buttery flavours of the pistachio were very evident amongst the cream led flavours, though it must be said the taste experience just didn't last as long as I wanted them to. In and amongst all the creamy nut flavours there was a very welcome mild salt kick that really gave a real moreishness to the taste. Unfortunately the lack of a strong aftertaste really meant that this was not the most substantial of 45.0g chocolate bars ever.

Overall this was a really delicious bar of chocolate, but could of just been so much better had the design of it been a little better. The pistachio flavours were very well implemented, and brought very welcome nut and butter influences to the already fantastically creamy taste. Had these flavours lasted just that little bit longer I am sure this would have made for a far more substantial feeling chocolate. This is a unique chocolate bar, and is one that I would very much recommend if your a fan of pistachio nuts like myself. I am looking forward to my next bar from this exciting Meiji range.

7.5 out of 10