April 14th: Hotel Chocolat Ginger Tangs

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Despite having mountains of products from several different continents sitting around my flat needing to be reviewed this didn't stop people gifting chocolate to me this Easter. I will quit the moaning now as I don't want to be the only person in history to go down for complaining about receiving a Hotel Chocolat gift. If you haven't done already I strongly suggest you head over to the Hotel Chocolat website (click!!), as they are currently having a huge post Easter sale.

So what do we have here then? Why we have some Hotel Chocolat Ginger Tangs which came described as 'real ginger pieces enrobed in dark chocolate'. The pieces came in a 150.0g pot that took me a week or so to consume. In regards to the presentation I would have thought more of it had I not taken a look at the Hotel Chocolat website where I saw the actual product picture looked a lot different than what was really delivered. The chocolates on the website show that the pieces are a lot longer and more crafted - I am not complaining about the actual product that was delivered, more so pointing out that there was a disparity. Aesthetics aside the product aroma was nothing short of awesome. The tub ensured that the lovely ginger and cocoa smells were maintained, suffice to say they never failed in tempting me to just have one more piece.

The packaging didn't actually say what strength the dark chocolate was, however having guzzled my fair share of Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate over the last year or so I can quite confidently say it would be around the 70% mark. As you can see above the coating to each piece was really quite generous, which meant that each mouthful delivered a wonderful base set of unsweetened cocoa flavours. Despite being as flavoursome and utterly fantastic as ever the chocolate really took a back seat to the ginger centres. The ginger centres were packed full of sweet, yet spicy flavours and really have a wonderful freshness and balance in their flavours. Of course being 'real' ginger some pieces at times had a slight 'stringyness' in their texture (see photo above!) which obviously wasn't always the most pleasant thing ever. This is a very slight criticism though and the taste more than made these a very satisfactory and enjoyable product.

Overall I never envisaged these being anything apart from superb and this proved a very accurate presumption. The dark chocolate was as always top quality and brought a plethora of rich cocoa flavours to the initial taste of the product. These chocolates were all about the ginger though, and the quite wonderful varying syrupy spiced flavours that each bite delivered were really quite fantastic. Obviously your own enjoyment of this product will be solely down to whether you like ginger or not. If you do then I seriously recommend you try these, they are simply one of the best ginger chocolate products I have reviewed.

8.3 out of 10