April 14th: Lindt Creola Vanille

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ??

In my previous review of the Lindt Creola 'Ek Chuah' I mentioned the fact that Dean-German-Grocery had been kind enough to send me the entire Lindt Creola range. Well continuing my assesment of it, I today tried the 'Vanille' offering from the selection - a bar which was formed of 'milk chocolate filled with cocao nib pieces in a vanilla creme'. Apologies for my lack of nutritional information for this range - it is neither displayed on the product or the web at present! Annoying huh!?

This was another huge 150.0g bar that took me a fair few sittings to get through. Presentation wise it looked very similar indeed to the 'Ek Chuah' variant, however there were the obvious differences in the branding and look of the product itself. Once again the bar was split into a rather annoying ten large 15.0g blocks - I would have preferred smaller pieces to accommodate the mouth better. Regardless of this the chocolate looked pretty enticing with the vanilla creme appearing very plentiful sat in between the milk chocolate coating. Upon closer inspection the cocoa nib pieces could also be seen in the creme. Releasing the bar from its branded foil wrapper I was met with a pleasant convergence of honey and dairy scents.

If there is one thing you can be assured of with Lindt milk chocolate it is that your certainly in for a smooth tasting experience. Indeed this was case with the outer milk chocolate, and it melted delightfully with a very crisp and creamy taste. As I noted when I inspected the bar aesthetically the vanilla creme was certainly very well portioned (43%), and thankfully it added some very worthwhile flavour additions to the cream based chocolate that encased it. As well as having a slightly softer texture that melted with a divine silkiness, it brought some wonderful vanilla essence type flavours that had hints of floral honey and caramel. The soft melting textures of the chocolate and creme centre were nicely contrasted by the small cocoa nib pieces that were left in the mouth once the aforementioned had melted away. They delivered fine bursts of cocoa flavours that really made for a long lasting and strong aftertaste.

Overall this was another fine bar from Lindt, though I guess I wasn't really expecting anything else. The Creola selection is really proving to be another fine range that delivers on the flavours that it promises - there isn't much else you can really ask for. The milk chocolate was again superb, whilst the vanilla filling was exquisite in both flavours and textures. This is possibly not a bar for people who do not enjoy the sweeter end of the chocolate spectrum, though for Lindt fans this is yet another you will seriously have to consider trying.

8.4 out of 10