April 15th: Cadbury Energy

Kcal 240 Fat 13.9g Fat(sats) 8.4g Carbs 26.6g

Having never heard of this bar before I must say I was a little intrigued when ShopenZed so kindly sent one my way. Apart from the words 'rich chocolate' the packaging didn't do much to communicate what this bar was all about. A spot of research on the Internet actually came up with very little ... it seems no other person in the world has ever written a review on this bar! A little visit to New Zealand's Cadbury website however managed to inform me that this product was 'traditionally eaten by New Zealanders whilst tramping in the great outdoors' .... answers on postcards to what tramping is please!!

ShopenZed were kind enough to send across a 50.0g bar for me to sample. The packaging did away with the usual purple Cadbury colour theme and chose a very visually striking red. I thought both the wrapper and the chocolate were pleasing on the eye; the chocolate was a very bold coloured brown, which was several shades darker than any Dairy Milk bar. After splitting the foil wrapper I was met with some quite subdued, yet nice smelling cocoa scents ... this was a bar still not giving much away.

By this time I was really waiting to see what this bar was going to offer in terms of flavours - truth be told it was really nothing ground breaking. If someone asked me to tell them a chocolate bar that wasn't quite as sweet as milk chocolate, yet not as strong as your standard dark chocolate, Cadbury Energy would be the one. The chocolate had a decent enough melt in the mouth and transformed into a thickish liquid state at a nice rate. The flavours started off predominately milk based, however as the melt developed started to raise in intensity in terms of its cocoa flavours. The taste never at any stage got to what I would describe as strong or bitter, yet at the same time generated a decent amount of flavour. I ate the 50.0g bar in one sitting which proved to be a decent enough snacking option.

Overall this was a chocolate that quickly established itself as a pleasant enough chocolate, though was never anything spectacular. As I previously said this was a chocolate that seemed slap bang between milk and dark; for that reason I would recommend it to people who are normally used to sweeter chocolate but are looking to be a little adventurous in the dark end of the market. I have tried so many chocolates over the last year and whilst this was a fair standard product it probably wont be one that I will particularly remember.

7.2 out of 10