April 16th: Kit Kat Jasmine Tea

Kcal 109 Fat 6.0g Carbs 12.5 (per 20.5g - 2 fingers)

Kit Kat seem to be on their own mission to constantly outdo themselves in terms of crazy flavours. J-List's newest addition to the ever expanding Kit Kat range is this Jasmine Tea flavoured variant. This particular flavour offered up the proposition of 'milk chocolate coated wafer biscuits with a Jasmine Tea flavour' ... could this seriously work!?

One thing that has become evident with my Kit Kat reviews over the last few weeks is that they can never be faltered in terms of looks. This flavour variant came in a 41.0g form that was split into two handy sized 20.5g two finger packets. The packaging struck several right notes with me, with the pastel green colour background and pink trim providing a very aesthetically pleasing combination. Out its foil wrapper the Kit Kat looked no different to our standard milk chocolate Kit Kat we get here in the UK. There was however a very notable tea leaf smell that emanated from the packet, suffice to say there was something immediately about it that didn't strike me as quite right.

I like to see flavour progression with the bars I eat and indeed this was one that had this in abundance ... unfortunately it just wasn't favourable. The initial bite brought all the usual sweet, milk based flavours of Nestle milk chocolate, whilst the malty wheat flavours of the wafer were also very much notable. As the melt of the piece progressed the Jasmine Tea flavours came to the fore establishing a really quite weird herby, floral flavour base. As I ate more and more of the actual product these flavours seemed to take over entirely. In my opinion these flavour influences seemed interesting and unique, up until the aftertaste kicked in having subsequently finished the bar. My mouth was left noted with some bitter flavours that didn't correspond at all to the nature of the sweet snack I had just eaten. For me this really spoilt the whole experience.

Overall this is a product that really at the end of the day I wont reflect on all the favourably. At the time of actually eating the Kit Kat the Jasmine Tea flavours tasted slightly out of place, though at least added a degree of interest. Come the time after the eating though the aftertaste really left an unpleasant set of flavours in the mouth, which really didn't reflect that well on the product as a whole. I would recommend this for all you curious Kit Kat lovers out there as it is really quite a unique experience ... those just looking for a good tasting chocolate will want to leave this one alone though.

6.2 out of 10