April 17th: Pocky Kiwi Fruit

Kcal 67 Fat 3.4g Carbs 8.4g (per 12.8g - 5 sticks)

You guys demanded more Pocky reviews ... you get more Pocky reviews :) Thanks to fabulous people at J-List I once again today got the opportunity to test drive one of Glico's latest Pocky flavours this 'Kiwi Fruit' variant. Frankly I cant say I am the greatest fan of Kiwi, however as you will find out when you read on these turned out to be a really pretty awesome product.

When J-List sent these across they were kind enough to send across two boxes of these. I was planning on eating one for the purpose of reviewing and using the other for some form of competition ... unfortunately for you guys I ended up consuming both boxes (sorry!! competition coming soon I promise). Contained within each box were four seperate packets of five sticks which surprisingly supplied a sufficient enough snack.

I thought the presentation of the product was pretty good - the communication of the Kiwi flavour couldn't really be missed on the outer packaging, whilst I thought the green speckled nature of the sticks combined for a unique and colourful look. The uniqueness of the aesthetics were only to be outdone by the really quite formidable distinct smell that emanated from the packets. The smell had a artificial strawberry like nature to it which initially brought some concerns in regards to the taste.

Thankfully there turned out to be nothing whatsoever artificial about the taste - these were certainly one fantastic tasting product. The outer flavoured coating of the biscuit stick had a white chocolate nature about it, in that it delivered some very pleasant creamy, milky yogurt like flavours. The Kiwi element was implemented superbly with the fresh, forthcoming fruity taste seemingly constituting of red berry and citrus lime flavour elements. The biscuit as ever had a tasty shortbread like appeal with its wheaty flavours enhanced perfectly with slight sugar and salt bursts. The forthcoming and lasting fruit flavours made these a surprisingly substantial snack; they were moreish, yet at the same time five sticks seemed like a perfect amount.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with these despite my initial pessimism that the Kiwi Fruit flavour could really be implemented well into such a small confined product. The fruit element was in fact one of the best fruit flavourings I have come across and was both flavoursome and balanced in its sweet well rounded taste. From what I understand Pocky is a brand that likes experimenting with all sorts of different flavours and have many limited edition variants. If this is the case and your a fan of Pocky I would strongly suggest you try a pack of these before they disappear, these come highly recommended.

8.2 out of 10