April 17th: Thorntons Choc Chip Choccies

Kcal 48 Fat 2.5g Fat(sats) 1.6g Carbs 6.1g (per piece)

These were another product requested for a review by the ever present ChocolateMission reader Lottie. Now sometimes I understand I take things all a little seriously, but I must say the name of this product does make me want to bash myself to death with a blunt object :) ... its the word 'choccies' ... blimey I can't stand it!! Bad names aside these Thorntons 'Choc Chip Choccies' *groan* were formed of 'praline, fudge and oats covered in milk chocolate'. 

I bought these in a 115.0g bag that contained about 15 individual chocolates. The bag was reasonably plain looking but gave a good insight into the actual product using both an illustrative and of course on-pack information. It would have been nice had it included a resealable flap, however the chocolates were still kept in pretty good condition across the three days I kept them, and maintained their quite forthcoming malty, cocoa aromas well. I liked the look of the chocolate themselves as the centres had a visibly lighter, fluffier look than the outer coating. 

I thought the pieces were a nice size and fitted nicely in the mouth one at a time. The outer milk chocolate provided both a nice set of flavours and melt in the mouth, substantiating some delightful sweet, milky cream based flavours with its thick, smooth melt. Contained within this crisp, clean tasting milk chocolate, I would unfortunately have to describe the flavours of the centres a little more muddled ... almost murky. At times some strong hazelnut influences were present in the taste, however this seem to get somewhat distorted and shackled by the baking flour type flavours from the oats. The oats to me seemed a non worthwhile edition, and more hindered the pleasantness of the praline rather than add to to tasting experience. In addition I also couldn't quite see where the fudge element came into things? For me it seemed not to factor in the taste whatsoever. One positive thing I guess you could say about the oats was that they made the texture quite stodgy - thus making just a few pieces feel quite substantial. 

Overall these were described to me as 'to die for', and though I can't quite agree with that sentiment they certainly struck me as a product with potential. I think Thorntons have made the classic mistake of trying to put too many ingredients in one product here. A milk chocolate coated praline may sound a little more boring, though to be honest I think it probably would have tasted absolutely superb. It is always great seeing brands trying new things, but my advice for Thorntons would be possibly to keep it a little more simple ... oh and to never use the word 'choccies' for their products again :)

7.2 out of 10