April 18th: Cadbury Picnic (Aus)

Kcal 245 Fat 13.9g Fat(sats) 5.8g Carbs 25.4g

Way back in February 2008 I reviewed the UK version of the Cadbury Picnic (Review HERE). My view on that bar was that it was a bit hit and miss ... and if anything felt like it was a bit 'jumbled together'. Well my kind friends over at Shopenzed sent across their version of the Cadbury Picnic - this Australian version was formed of 'peanuts, wafer, caramel, rice crispies covered in Cadbury milk chocolate'.

The bar came in a very plentiful size of 46.0g - it certainly made for a very fulfilling snack. I immediately preferred the look of the product to our UK version. The outer wrapper was made of a fantastic foil material that really made the red and yellow colours look particularly vibrant. The bar itself took a more orderly fashion than its UK equivalent - a look at the cross section above will show you that it looked remarkably like a Nestle Lion but just with peanuts incorporated into the outer coating. Aswell as aesthetically the nuts were also very evident in the smell of the product, where their enticing roasted scents added to the already tempting chocolaty smell.

My main complaint with the UK Picnic was that each bite was so inconsistent with what it delivered. I had pretty much the polar opposite experience with this bar, each mouthful was simply delicious. The outer chocolate had a wonderful thickness and made sure that every bite had a resounding chocolaty taste before the other elements came into play. Contained within this chocolate were the rice and peanuts that both added a nice crunch to the smooth texture. The peanuts especially bought some very forthcoming bursts of salty, nutty flavours which combined perfectly with the other sweeter elements. Normally I am not the greatest fan of wafers as I perceive them as being to light and unsubstantial. The caramel however made sure that the wafer had more of a dense, chewy nature, whilst also bringing some buttery, toasted sugar flavours to the mix. The combination of all these different elements was nothing short of superb.

Overall this bar was completely superior to our UK version and made for a thoroughly enjoyable product. With this bar everything seemed so more ordered - each element was correctly distributed throughout the bar which made the experience more consistent and thus more enjoyable. The lacking of raisins really wasn't a sore point for me, the sweet and salty combination of the peanuts and caramel was enough to make this one delicious bar. If your a fan of the Nestle Lion, or other similar products I strongly suggest you get acquainted with one of these - highly recommended.

8.6 out of 10