April 18th: Ghirardelli Milk & Peanut Butter

Kcal 250 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 22.0g (per 45.0g serving)

A peanut butter product that isn't Reese's!! whatever next!? knowing my love for all things peanut butter related my pals at *IShop4YouII* thought this would be a great product for me to check out. Having got myself nicely acquainted with some of Ghirardelli's range already this year I must say that I was really looking forward to try this bar, which incorporated 'gourmet peanut butter with crunchy peanuts in milk chocolate'.

This bar came in a 90.0g size that I split into the proposed two 45.0g servings. I continue to be impressed with Ghirardelli's presentation - the outer cardboard box included some nice pictures of the chocolate, as well as using some stylish looking gold coloured fonts. The look of the bar itself didn't let the product down either - it was split into chunky logo inscribed blocks that when cross-sectioned revealed a plentiful portioning of filling in each. The product didn't quite radiate the same level of nuttiness than Reese's offerings, though it was noticeable that the bar didn't have the same greasy feel that you commonly get with the aforementioned products.

This was a bar that grew on me as I ate it, though it certainly had its ups and its down in terms of its tasting experience. I am ever critical about Reese's milk chocolate, and I thought this might be the area where Ghirardelli would really triumph. The outer milk chocolate for me though lacked the real cocoa strength that I was hoping it would have. Despite having a nice thick melt and substantiating a pleasant enough creamy, milky flavour base I would personally have preferred the flavours to have been more cocoa centric. The peanut butter filling was the part of the product that took some getting used to. It terms of initial nut flavour strength it was nowhere near as imposing as Reese's however it did include some crunchy nut pieces that really brought some nutty flavour bursts later on in the taste. To be honest this felt more like a peanut creme rather than peanut butter ... both the taste and texture were smooth, not like the rough, gritty imposing Reese's. The 45.0g servings certainly provided a degree of fulfilment, though the smoothness of the taste meant I probably could have easily eaten more.

Overall I can't say this is a bar that I would naturally pick over most Reese's products, though to be fair it is still an enjoyable offering in its own right. I was a little disappointed with the milk chocolate - it was not poor or anything, it was just that it lacked the desired chocolate hit I was wanting it to give me. The peanut butter centre certainly offered something a little different from Reese's - it was more subtle in its deliverance of its creamy, nut flavours ... whether you prefer that will solely be down to individual taste. If offered this is a bar I would certainly have again; its worthy of its very credible score.

8.0 out of 10