April 19th: Meiji Rich Banana Chocolate

Kcal 264 Fat 17.5g Carbs 24.5g (per 45.0g bar)

I guess this is an opportune time to mention the fact that I am no great fan of bananas. As a child I ate them by the dozen, though as I grew up I seemed to take a disliking to their mushy texture. Me disliking has never stopped me before though and of course I am always willing to give anything a try. That is all pretty lucky really considering J-List have been sending me some most obscure (but awesome!) products from Japan. A product that falls into that bracket would be todays review - the Meiji Rich Banana Chocolate.

It would be awesome if products like this counted towards one of our five a day, but I still think we are some way off chocolate ever be considered for that :D The bar came in usual Meiji size in a 45.0g form. The wrapper was made of a foil like material that gave it a nice yellow coloured sparkle. Contained within some similarly coloured proper foil was the bar which had a clean cut look and was a nice relevant cream colour. One thing that was instantly noticeable after opening the bar up was the smell which was extremely potent. It had a strong vanilla dominance and a sweet fruitiness that was ever present; I found it relatively enticing yet not overly so.

I really do need to find myself a Japanese translator as it would have been wonderful to know what Meiji were aiming for, and how they market this product. What I detected myself was that it was a white chocolate with an extremely forthcoming banana element. The initial flavours were very creamy indeed and reminded me very much of a sweet, vanilla noted custard. This was very much to my liking though the banana element for me had both its positive points and its negatives. The banana flavour was extremely dominating and whilst it was actually well delivered and tasted of fresh banana fruit it just became a little monotonous. The taste was good, yet ever so slightly one dimensional and admittedly became a little boring towards the end of the bar.

Overall this was a bar that did well in substantiating the proposed flavour, however came a little unstuck when it came to keeping my interest with its taste. The initial flavours had a custard type appeal and engaged me from the outset. These cream flavours soon took a backseat to the dominant banana element though which whilst they were enjoyable and pleasant soon became just a little boring if anything. If you like bananas then I can see this being a bar that you would thoroughly enjoy. However if like me your not overly in love with the fruit then this is probably a product where you wouldn't necessarily being 'missing out' on anything.