April 19th: Thorntons Belgian White Chocolate

Kcal 562 Fat 35.0g Fat(sats) 21.2g Carbs 55.3g (per 100.0g)

Continuing my look at the new Thorntons *ahem*'Ritter Sport'*ahem* square bars range I today tried their Belgian White Chocolate offering. Previous experiences with Thorntons' white chocolate proved to be very worthwhile indeed with their 50.0g impulse bar earning a very reputable 8.6 out of 10 on the ever dependable ChocolateMission rating system. 

As with every offering from the square bar range this product came in a 90.0g size. The packaging was all rather well put together, I guess it was a little on the plain side though the simpleness of the design gave it both a sophisticated and modern look. The bar itself looked pretty appetising with some nice patterns weaved into the surface of the slightly yellow tinted cream coloured chocolate. One thing that was noticeably below par with this offering was the aroma that it emanated. As well as not being particularly strong, the smell of the bar was not all that pleasant and smelt rather like slightly soured, warm milk. 

Luckily the poor scents radiating from the bar were none to evident in the taste. This was a white chocolate with a progressive set of flavours that developed with the melt. Upon entering the mouth some very crisp and clean dairy, milk flavours were fast substantiated. Once the chocolate had warmed, and started to transform into its thick liquid state the flavours progressed to a richer cream based dimension that had just small hints of sweet honey. The aftertaste of the chocolate had the most delicate of vanilla hints that left a lasting impression in the mouth. I enjoyed this bar over a course of three different sittings, after which all I felt very satisfied with just a 30.0g serving.

Overall this was a very finely flavoured white chocolate that I really enjoyed. The progressive nature of the taste was particularly pleasant, and avoided the all to common pitfall of being overly laden with sugar. This was a very luxurious tasting white chocolate, and would be one that I would definitely have again. If they could sort out the really quite odd smell the bar permeates this could really be a product that Thorntons can be proud of, it is the only thing that really let it down. This is definitely one for you white chocolate fans.

8.3 out of 10