April 20th: Hershey's Cookies Reese's

Kcal 140 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 18.0g (per 28.0g - 2 cookies)

Liz at *IShop4YouII* thought these cookies were a product I simply had to try given my love for almost anything gracing Reese's peanut butter. Hey, I was never going to argue with that - these sounded very tempting indeed and came billed as 'crunchy chocolate cookies layered with real milk chocolate and filled with Reese's peanut butter creme'! One thing that I did notice was that these contained only 140 calories for two cookies, which to me sounded pretty good.

*IShop4YouII* were kind enough to provide me with a 225.0g family sized box that took me a good few weeks to get through. The outer packaging was all pretty fair, it incorporated the famialiar orange Reese's theme and featured a pretty enticing looking picture of the cookies up close. Thankfully they looked just as good in reality as they did on the box. As you will see above the outer biscuit pieces featured the Reese's branding, whilst the inner icing layer appeared plentiful and thick. As ever with Reese's products the smell was very distinctive and immediately forthcoming when I opened the plastic wrapped tray.

So how did they taste? ... pretty damn awesome! The cookies were formed of three notable layers. The biscuit layers were a little lacking in their chocolaty flavours, and rather just substantiated a shortbread like sugary buttery taste. The chocolate hit was unsuprisingly delivered by the milk chocolate layer, which sat between the biscuit and the peanut butter creme. It brought a nice moistness to the dry biscuit, aswell as some milky, cocoa influences. The real defining element to the taste though was the inner peanut butter icing, which immediately added a wonderful contrasting salty, nuttiness to the sweet taste ... simply delicious and just ridiculously moreish.

Overall these provided a fantastic option to snack on during an afternoon and retained all the good attributes of most Reese's products. The biscuit element could potentially be bettered by having a greater chocolaty taste, though to a large degree this was a minor problem as the cookies were all about the peanut butter filling. I have said before I am not the biggest biscuit fan, but I simply just couldn't get enough of these. If your a fan of Reese's products and Oreos then these are simply a match made in heaven.

8.5 out of 10