April 21st: Cloetta Plopp

Kcal 162 Fat 8.3g Carbs 20.0g

The person who came up with the name for this product must of been having a giggle. I thought it actually might mean something in Swedish (where the bar is manufactured), though passing 'Plopp' through Google translator gives an exact translation ... 'Plopp' ... hmmm!? To be honest I was more giving this bar a review for its novelty factor - I have read on various websites that the milk chocolate with toffee filling isn't actually all that good ... oh well, only one way to find out.

The bar came in a small 33.0g serving that split into four different blocks. Name aside, the presentation was pretty good. The wrapper ensured a nice freshness to the product, whilst the bar itself was carefully protected by a cardboard sleeve. Whats more the actual chocolate pieces were branded with the Cloetta logo, which is a thing I always like to see. The bar looked pretty appetising, though the same cannot be said for the smell, which had a dominant floral aspect to it. The aroma was rather puzzling to be honest ... if I was to liken it to anything it would have to be hand soap!

Thankfully the product didn't taste of soap, but I dare say the chocolate may have faired better if it actually had. The chocolate had a surprising array of erratic sweet flavours that ranged from over powering vanilla to brown sugar. It definitely wasn't that pleasant and lacked the chocolaty impetuous I was hoping it would deliver. This was all a bit of shame as the toffee lying at the centre of the chocolate was actually rather good. It seemed a sort of hybrid between caramel and fudge, and although itself quite sickeningly sweet it delivered some quite pleasurable honey like flavours. The texture of the centres was also quite delicately delivered with a soft velvety feel in the mouth. Additionally it must be noted that the 33.0g really didn't go all that way to curing my afternoon munchies, although I would have been cautious to consuming anymore as the back of my throat was beginning to burn with the overload of sugar.

Overall the novelty factor of this product quickly wore off as soon as I placed the chocolate in my mouth. Indeed the product has a funny name and was presented quite nicely ... it even did a rather good job of its toffee filling. Unfortunately however, Plopp did fail to deliver a respectable milk chocolate, and also failed in providing a fulfilling snack. Unless your buying this product as a joke for someone I really wouldn't recommend it - frankly its just a bit s***!

5.4 out of 10