April 21st: Hersheys Almond Joy

Kcal 220 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 26.0g

A few days ago when I wrote my review on the Hersheys Almond Joy Cookies, I remarked that I hadn't actually yet give the original Almond Joy bar a review. Well Yankee Soda & Candy noted this and were kind enough to send across an Almond Joy aswell as some other goodies that will be appearing soon. Yankee Soda & Candy have recently expanded from their Ebay shop and have set up their own website which is well worth paying a visit HERE.

Todays product came described as 'coconut and almonds, dipped in milk chocolate' and as you have probably realised already this is the US equivalent to our UK Bounty bar. The packaging looked all rather good with the cool blue colour cutting a nice look - I also liked the subltey of the Hershey branding that wasn't plastered all over the packaging. As you can see above the bar itself looked pretty appetising with the coconut filling especially looking very enticing. Having been contained within a foil wrapper the product also maintained a very forthcoming aroma that released a strong set of nutty, sweet scents that I found particularly enticing.

I am a big fan of Bounty bars but I found this bar to actually be better. The milk chocolate was nothing too special in its taste, though it still substantiated a nice degree of chocolaty flavours in the mouth with its smooth melting texture. Below this milk chocolate layer sat the quite terrific coconut centre, which differed slightly to the filling in our Bounty. The Almond Joy centre had more of a dense moistness to it, whilst its flavours were slightly fresher tasting in its nut flavours than the sweeter sugar based Bounty bar. The almond pieces on top of each piece nicely brought some additional buttery nut flavour elments that further added levels of interest to the taste.

Overall I found this to be a highly enjoyable product, and despite coconut not being one of my favourite flavours I would say this was one of the best bars I have tried this year. As I said above I would even rate this bar higher than the Bounty bar in the UK. The nuttier focus of the filling flavours, and the additional almond pieces just made it the more attractive proposition, and  just added some extra elements to the overall taste. If you are a fan of coconut products then this is a bar I would highly recommend - if the Bounty bar is one that you particularly enjoy I really urge you to give this one a try.

8.7 out of 10