April 23rd: Dove Desserts Tiramisu

Kcal 200 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 24.0g (per 40.0g - 5 pieces)

November last year I took my first look at the Dove Desserts range with my review of the Banana Foster variant. Well thanks once again to *IShop4YouII* I today got to try yet another from the selection in the form of the 'Tiramisu' offering. Considering I am quite the fan of a Tiramisu dessert I was rather looking forward to the prospect of 'caramel infused with a luscious taste of Tiramisu, surrounded by Dove dark chocolate'.

As with the Banana Foster variant I received these in a 165.0g pack. I thought the presentation was all rather good, though I was surprised that the outer packaging looked nearly exactly the same as the other variants from the range - there seemed to be no real effort on display to really distinguish it. The pieces themselves looked relatively appetising, with the inner caramel appearing plentiful in its portioning. Once released from their foil wrappers the chocolates had a really quite distinct sweet, coffee aroma. Personally I thought it smelt a little artificial and could relate to Gigi's reckoning that it was very similar to the powder you get in instant mix cafe latte sachets.

Much as I found when I tried the solus Dove Dark Chocolate bar I really quite enjoyed the dark chocolate when it was tasted in isolation from the inner caramel. Its flavours were not overly cocoa rich, though its unsweetened taste was friendly, welcoming and thoroughly deserving of a better caramel filling than the one that was delivered. Frankly I thought the Tiramisu flavoured caramel was really rather poor. Much like its smell suggested it was very artificial tasting. The coffee element was very one dimensional, and just tasted exceedingly sweet and chemically derived. What I found most disappointing about the Tiramisu caramel was the flavour influences that I was expecting, yet were frankly missing! Where were the liqueur, Mascarpone and Sponge Cake elements? Sadly they just weren't there.

Overall despite the attempts of the fair quality dark chocolate I was left resoundingly disappointed with this Dove flavour variant. I guess delivering a Tiramisu flavour variation was always going to be ambitious - to be honest Mars got nowhere near it here. As I have explained above so many of the key Tiramisu flavours were absent here, leaving just a rather fake and sickly tasting coffee tainted caramel sitting in a okish dark chocolate coating. Unless your really intrigued by these and just can't resist trying a 'Tiramisu' flavoured chocolate I really wouldn't recommend this product.

6.8 out of 10
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