April 24th: Lindt Caipirinha

Kcal 489 Fat 27.0g Carbs 54.0g (per 100.0g)

Dean-German-Grocery do send me a wide range of products, and I think this must have been my first encounter with a chocolate and lime combination. The Caipirinha according to Wiki is 'Brazil national cocktail', and is made with cachaca, sugar and lime. Incorporating this theme this Lindt bar was formed of 'dark chocolate with a lime flavoured rum filling' - including 10% lime and 3% rum. Lime isn't generally what I would regard as a favourite flavour of mine, but as ever I was willing to give anything a go.

This was another Lindt bar that came in the beautiful looking 'pod' like design. The 100.0g split into twelve separate pods, which I ate in four different bouts of three. In regards to looks, the product looked awesome. The wrapper was a vibrant green colour, and displayed the nature of the flavour variant well. I was also very impressed by the actual look of the chocolate - as ever the pod design looked interesting, whilst the middle lime filling looked unique with its green colour. The aroma was another impressive part to the presentation - the usual delicious Lindt dark chocolate cocoa smells were forthcoming, and were enhanced by some additional sweet, fruity hints.

Lets not hang around here ... this bar tasted fantastic. It had a wide variety of elements to its taste, which made it one of the most unique tasting chocolates I have had for a long while. The dark chocolate formula wasn't actually stated on the pack, though I am willing to bet it was about a 50% recipe. I say that as it wasn't one of the strongest Lindt dark chocolates I have tasted, though it still carried a great deal of flavour. It was a chocolate that substantiated its cocoa flavours as soon as it was in the mouth, which suited this bar entirely due to the sharp flavours of the centre being quite dominant once revealed. The dark chocolate was smooth in its taste, which complimented the stronger tasting lime filling. The filling was nothing short of superb - it was like a lime curd, with just a touch of alcohol. Its flavours were citrusy, juicy and to the point ... though still had a sweet moreishness, and jam like texture. Three blocks (pods) at a time provided a really substantial serving, and well complimented an after dinner coffee.

Overall the combination of the dark chocolate and lime cocktail fillings made for an utterly fantastic synergy of flavours. I wasn't sure about this combination before I tried it, though on reflection I would have to say this was one of the more enjoyable bars I have had this year. The lime flavours were exerted forcefully, yet kept in check by the sugary sweetness. What was probably more important was that the rum wasn't too overstated in the taste, whilst the dark chocolate still held its own against the strongly flavoured filling. If your intrigued by this bar it would be well worth you checking out - recommended!

8.7 out of 10