April 24th: Nestle Pixie Caramel

Kcal 235 Fat 9.1g Fat(sats) 7.4g Carbs 35.3g

I am still slowly making my way through the package of goodies sent from New Zealand by Shopenzed. Today I thought I would give this Nestle Pixie Caramel bar a try, a product that came billed as 'dark chocolate covered chewy caramel'. This seemed like a pretty fair proposition to me and was definitely one I was looking forward to trying.

The bar came in a 50.0g form that I ate over the course of a single sitting. I thought the presentation of the entire product was a little mixed. I think you will agree the look of the wrapper wasn't the most attractive, though the bar when cross-sectioned looked relatively enticing with both the chocolate and caramel appearing well proportioned. The smell of the product failed to tempt me quite as much as the appearance - the mild sweet smells didn't really give much of an indication to the taste.

As I mentioned earlier I ate the whole bar over the course of a single sitting ... it ultimately proved to be a very fulfilling snack. What the product gave in substantiality though, it unfortunately lacked in flavour. The outer chocolate in particular failed to register much to shout about in terms of its taste. Although the melt of the chocolate was well paced and smooth it lacked any sort of telling flavours, which immediately meant I found the bar somewhat disappointing. The caramel element didn't particularly fair all that much better. It had a nice, firm, dense texture, yet again it lacked many of the flavour elements you normally associate with good caramels. It had some sweet and mild fudge notes, but just lacked the desired butter and salt notes that would have put it up there with the better caramels.

Overall this was a disappointing product that sadly lacked volume in its flavours. Both the chocolate (which was supposed to be dark!?) and caramel did not the deliver the flavour hits that I would have liked which ultimately made for a really quite underwhelming experience. Although I would recommend this as a good bar to have if you are feeling hungry, it isn't one I will be recommending based on the prestige of its taste. This was far from being a bad product but its potential far great exceeded its performance. Suffice to say it unfortunately failed to live up to high expectations.

7.1 out of 10