April 25th: Milka Loffel Ei Egg

Kcal 570 Fat 37.0g Carbs 52.0g (per 100.0g)

Easter is long gone now but this didn't stop Dean-German-Grocery sending me some of Milka's finest products for the season. The single serving egg market is one that is full of different offerings ranging from the traditional Cadbury Creme Egg to the more diverse Nestle Smarties Shaker Egg. Suffice to say I have reviewed a great number of them over the course of the last two years, though I have to admit todays Milka offering blew most of them completely out the water. Formed of 'milk chocolate with a milk creme filling' it certainly looked like a product with a lot of potential.

As you can see
above this was one uniquely presented proposition. The product came in a traditional carton box and contained four 34.0g eggs each foil wrapped. Personally I thought this presentation style was utterly fantastic, and combined both nice aesthetic looks with an utterly fun concept. When split open the eggs appeared to have thick milk chocolate shells and a generous white fluffy centre. In addition to the fantastic presentation the aroma that emanated from each egg was suitably dairy led with atempting hint of nut.

In the carton a spoon was included to eat e
ach egg but I much preferred using my hands. The milk chocolate that surrounded the filling was the normal Milka Alpine Milk and delivered its creamy, hazelnut noted flavours with its usual awesome thick melt. The real treat with this product though was the absolutely heavenly milk creme fillings. I was expecting a very light textured mousse but what I actually encountered was a far thicker dense whipped cream. It tasted absolutely delicious with the cream and vanilla flavours providing some divine, long lasting flavours. The filling was sweet yet was more notable for its rich dairy flavours which made a single egg an extremely satisfying experience.

Overall I never thought the day would come
where I would rank an egg higher than the Cadbury Creme but this Milka Loffel Ei definitely deserves it. This egg combined a wonderful exterior chocolate with a really quite luxurious inner milk creme that oozed both flavour and a wonderfully smooth texture. If you like your Milka products then this is simply a must try - it is probably one of my favourite offerings of theirs I have ever reviewed. I have pushed this post right to the front of the review queue as I am not sure how much longer these will be around for. I strongly suggest having a pop over to Dean-German-Grocery if you fancy trying them.

9.0 out of 10