April 26th: Lindt Mousse au Chocolat Zimt

Kcal 570.0g Fat 39.0g Carbs 50.0g (per 100.0g)

Last Christmas thanks to Dean-German-Grocery I got the opportunity to review a lot of bars from Germany that incorporated cinnamon as a flavour enhancer. It seems that Christmas isn't the only period where it is used, as in my latest package DGG included this Lindt Mousse au Chocolat Zimt bar - a product combining 'milk chocolate with a chocolate and cinnamon flavoured mousse centre'. Having already enjoyed the 'Milk' and 'Dark' variants in the range I was expecting good things.

Staying consistent with the previously mentioned 'Milk' and 'Dark' bars this 'Zimt' offering came in a 140.0g form and was presented with a real touch of class. The cinnamon flavour of the bar was communicated well with some small cinnamon stick illustrations on the front of the pack. I am not quite sure what the additional golden coloured stars were for? Maybe this was a seasonal bar after all!? As with the other variants the chocolate was beautifully crafted with the Lindt logo cleanly moulded into each nicely sized block. Piercing the foil wrapper I was immediately met with a very striking smell. It had obvious spice elements, though it had a strong sweetness about it ... to be honest it wasn't all that enticing and smelt more like an incense candle than an appetising chocolate aroma.

The smell of the bar was really indicative of the taste, which altogether didn't reflect all that well on the chocolate. Despite the layering of the outer chocolate and mousse centre providing some superb contrastive textures, when it came to flavours there was nothing different whatsoever. The product as a whole had a very one dimensional taste that to be honest proved to be very monotonous. The cinnamon element was very strong indeed, and took precedence over every other flavour influence in the bar. As well dominating the cream, hazelnut and cocoa flavours the cinnamon element also had an artificial like sweetness to it. Personally I just didn't really enjoy the flavour that much - it was just a little too much and didn't allow the other characteristics of the bar to 'come to the party'.

Overall this was on the whole a pretty big disappointment considering the other bars from the range managed to score very high 8.8's on the ChocolateMission scale. The score for this bar would have been a lot lower had it not been for the excellent presentation and texture variances; the taste was just really quite disappointing, which made for a pretty unsatisfying bar. Unless you completely love your cinnamon flavoured chocolate I would suggest your best avoiding this variant and choosing another from this fine range.

7.1 out of 10