April 27th: Hersheys Mounds

Kcal 230 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 10.0g Carbs 29.0g

A week or so a go I gave Hersheys' Almond Joy bar a review and came to the conclusion that it was actually superior to the Bounty bar that we get here in the UK. Well along with the Almond Joy Yankee Soda & Candy were kind enough to include this Hersheys Mounds for me to sample. The Mounds bar is pretty much the same as the Almond Joy, though is covered in dark chocolate and doesn't have the almond nuts placed ontop ... basically it is Hershey's take on the Bounty Dark.

One thing I couldn't help but notice with this bar was the huge amount of saturated fat that it included. 10.0g constitutes for 50% of an adults GDA ... would you really expect this much from just a single 49.0g chocolate bar!? Despite the high nutritional values I thought the presentation was pretty good. Compared to the Bounty Dark the coconut did not appear as white or fluffy though I still thought it looked particularly appetising and liked the fact the two pieces were protected by a cardboard sleeve. The aroma of the product was nothing particularly exciting though some relative cocoa scents could be detected once the wrapper was open.

The ingredients list described the chocolate as semi-sweet, however by reckoning I would more describe it as semi-flavoured. It was frankly pretty disappointing and way too reserved in its flavours. The melt was smooth though didn't have the desired thickness which certainly didn't help the quite meagre flavours that it substantiated. The flavours that were present were mostly detectable in the aftertaste where some somewhat mild cocoa flavours at least exerted some sort of chocolate element to the taste. Despite the disappointing chocolate the middle coconut was really quite exquisite. Just like the Almond Joy it had a dense, moist texture that certainly helped the nutty milk flavours have a long sustaining impact on the taste. I ate the whole 49.0g all in one sitting as just half would certainly have not fulfilled my hunger.

Overall this is probably a product you wont want to frequent too often ... well not if you want to eat yourself to an early grave whilst eating a bar where there is a superior alternative. Although the dark chocolate on the Bounty Dark is hardly among the best going it is still superior to the quite flavourless chocolate implemented on this Hersheys Mounds. Although the coconut element was an awful lot better and thoroughly enjoyable, If I was to choose a coconut based Hersheys product I would go for the Almond Joy everytime. A case of nearly but not quite for Hersheys and this bar.

7.5 out of 10