April 28th: Kit Kat Chunky White / Peanut Butter

Although all my recent Kit Kat experiences have come from Japan, Dean-German-Grocery this week reminded me that they indeed have a few exclusive Kit Kat products of their own over in Germany. One of these comes in the form of the Kit Kat Chunky White - a bar that replaces the traditional milk chocolate coating with a healthy dose of white chocolate. As well as sending me this exclusive White variant Dean-German-Grocery so kindly also sent across some 'Peanut Butter' Kit Kat Chunkys. Although I reviewed this bar way back in February last year (See HERE for amateurish review!), I thought it would be rude not to do a comparative review between our UK manufactured bar and the German one.

Below are my thoughts on each of the two bars:

Kit Kat Chunky White:

Kcal 264 Fat 14.5g Carbs 29.6g (per 48.0g bar)

This bar came in a 48.0g size that certainly didn't hold back in terms of its calorie and fat content - its lucky that this was one very fulfilling snack.

The packaging was all rather neat with the traditional 'Chunky' style foil wrapper replicated with just a white theme incorporated. Although a pain to get a decent picture of (sorry!!), the bar itself looked mightily impressive and I liked the way the milk chocolate interspersed in the wafer contrasted with the pale coloured coating.

The smell had a very enticing sweet dairy focus which followed through into the taste. The white chocolate reminded me very much so of the Nestle Die Weisse bar in that its flavours were very sweet, but had a very moreish milky mellowness about them. The white chocolate melted a lovely rate and with a nice smoothness to reveal the crisp wafer that lay below. The creme sandwiched in between the wafer brought some very pleasant stronger milk chocolate elements to the taste, which delivered a very nice additional chocolate hit to the standard wheat flavours.

Overall I am really quite bemused why this bar is not available in the UK as it certainly maintains the same level of quality exemplified by the rest of the Kit Kat Chunky range. The white chocolate standard is pretty good and if you are familiar with the Nestle Die Weisse or Milkybar brands you will largely know what to expect. This is a bar that I would definitely have again and on this basis I would very much recommend it.

8.5 out of 10

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter:

Kcal 269 Fat 16.0g Carbs 27.0g (per 50.0g bar)

The Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter that we get here in the UK is a bar that I often frequent if I have an urge for a chocolate and peanut butter combination. Due to this I thought it only fair that I compare the bar we get here, and the bar available in Germany ... any excuse eh!? :)

I will be honest with you now ... I noticed very little differences between the two products ... if any! The bar came in the same 50.0g form and contained exactly the same nutritional information. One difference that I am guessing you guys have all spotted already was with the packaging - as you can see above the German product was colored in a darker shade of yellow which was quite the contrast compared to the more vivid yellow on the UK bar. Personally I didn't have any preference and thought they both looked good in their own unique ways.

As soon as I opened the wrapper things got all rather familiar. Some very familiar and tempting roasted peanut scents emerged from the German bar filling me with a great anticipation. In regards to taste the differences were virtually non existent. The milk chocolate was of the same quality in that it wasn't the greatest ever but still did the job of delivering the all important chocolate hit to proceedings. This bar was of course all about the peanut butter and although I thought the German bar was slightly saltier the overall variance was very little. The same creamy, sweet flavour influences from the chocolate and wafer elements were wonderfully complimented by the salty, buttery flavours of the smooth filling, culminating in a taste that as rich as it was tasty.

Overall I still stand by my review of a year ago in that the peanut butter in this bar is very good, but just isn't as good as the one found in Reese's products. Admittedly this is somewhat made up for by the better quality chocolate - which still makes this a firm favourite of mine. As I have described here I wouldn't get too caught up in trying yourself to see if there is any variation in our UK bar or the German one ... in truth there are minimal differences. If your after a readily available dose of chocolate and peanut butter though you can do very little wrong here.

8.5 out of 10