April 28th: Nestle Treasures Renew Dark Chocolate Truffle

Kcal 220 Fat 16.0g Fat(sats) 10.0g Carbs 23.0g (per 43.0g)

Before I start my own reviews I always try to take a look at what other people have had to say about the product. For this Nestle Treasures Bar however this wasn't actually possible ... I couldn't find another single review!? It seems *IShop4YouII* have sent me a rather rare product ... or so the lack of Internet reviews suggests. Why the product is named 'Renew' I simply don't know!? On the pack it came described as 'dark chocolate truffle with a creamy filling and crunchy cocoa bits'.

The bar came in a 85.0g size that suggested it be served in two portions. I ate one 'portion' ... but errr never got round to eating the other ... I think you can tell where this is all going :) In regards to the product aesthetics it was all rather sound. I wasn't overly sure on the product claiming it was 'a natural source of antioxidants', though any product coming out of the US at present that has the words 'dark chocolate' on it seems to be clambering on this bandwagon. The blocks were divided up relatively well with each sporting a Nestle logo. Despite nuts not being mentioned anywhere in the ingredients list the bar had a nutty, hazelnut smell ... I was both confused and a little worried at this point.

To be frank I got very little enjoyment from this chocolate. The bar was simply extremely reserved in the release of its flavours. Only at the latter stages of the melt did any flavours worth mentioning really develop. This all wasn't helped by the fact that the texture of the chocolate was waxy, oily, ridiculously slow to melt and with no distinction between the supposed outer and inner truffle layers. To be frank at times it felt like I had a flavourless lump in my mouth ... it really struggled that much. The flavours when they did develop offered very little other than a curious weak, musty, cooking chocolate like taste. The only chocolaty bursts came from the 'roasted cocoa bean' pieces that lingered amongst centre of each block. These delivered some cocoa flavours, though left a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. The lack of flavour and poor textures culminated to what was a very unsatisfying chocolate.

Overall I am coming to the conclusion that other people who ate this product may well have just not bothered writing reviews on the basis that the chocolate didn't deserve it. I must say it has been quite the challenge writing a review on a chocolate that offered little in terms of flavours. This is a bar that I would frankly discourage you from buying - its not the worst chocolate I have ever tasted but it was at the same time bad enough for half of it to get binned. I have a few more bars from this Nestle Treasure range to come ... surely things can only get better!?

4.6 out of 10