April 2nd: Hershey's Almond Joy Dipped Cookies

Kcal 300 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 34.0g (per pack - 4 cookies)

The CandyPirate goodies just keep on coming. Today I bring you my review of the Hershey's Almond Joy Dipped Cookies, a product that came described as 'chocolate cookie bases with coconut creme and almond pieces, dipped in milk chocolate' ... quite the proposition I am sure you will agree. For those that don't know the Almond Joy is the US equivalent of the UK's Bounty bar, for some reason I am yet to get around to reviewing one, though I am hoping CandyPirate can help me out with that soon enough.

I received these cookies in a pack of four that I ate over two separate sittings. I thought the presentation of the product on the whole was very good, with the outer packaging communicating the contents well with a nice and realistic picture. The cookies looked especially appetising when bitten into - as you can see above all of the constituents were highly visible. Another very noticeable thing was their smell; as soon as the packet was opened a lovely waft of coconut greeted me which was certainly enticing.

The first thing I noticed about these cookies was that their outer milk chocolate coating was very quick to melt (in my hands!!), and had a little bit of a greasy feel. This was all soon forgotten as I tasted the cookies where I was met with a truly wonderful amount of varying flavours. The outer milk chocolate set a pleasant sweet chocolaty context to the taste with its fast, yet thick melt, whilst sitting at the base of each cookie was a crunchy biscuit that added a nice cereal based wheat taste. The really special part of this product though was the coconut creme that sat on top of the biscuit. It was lighter than I was expecting but it certainly didn't fail in establishing some wonderful nutty, milky flavours. The added almonds added a nice variance in these nut flavours with some more buttery notes coming through in the aftertaste. Two of these cookies made for an enjoyable and fulfilling snack to tie over my mid-afternoon munchies.

Overall I keep saying that I am not much of a cookie/biscuit fan, though products like this are certainly changing my opinion very quickly. All the different elements contributed to what was overall a fantastic cookie product. The resulting taste was full of creamy coconut flavours, whilst also delivering that ever so important chocolate hit. Looking at the nutritional information these probably aren't a product for the diet conscious, however if this is no concern of yours then I strongly suggest you give these a try.

8.4 out of 10