April 2nd: Hershey's Sugar Free Special Dark Chocolate

Kcal 150 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 24.0g (per 40.0g - 5 pieces)

Thanks to *IShop4YouII* I have been able to take a full spectrum look at the Hershey's Sugar Free range, with me today lastly reviewing the Hershey's Sugar Free Special Dark Chocolate. Similarly to the others this product contained the usual Malitol sugar substitute - to be honest I was expecting this to have less of an impact on things considering that this was a dark chocolate - sugar should theoretically have had less relevance anyway.

As with the others from the range I received these in a 85.0g bag that contained about 12 pieces. The presentation was all round pretty solid - the Sugar Free nature of the product wasn't overstated, and the usual Hershey's theme was implemented accordingly. The chocolates themselves looked very similar to the standard Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolates, though obviously were darker in their appearance. Although kept within foil wrappers the pieces had quite a placid smell, they certainly weren't as strong smelling as other dark chocolate alternatives.

I am not going to waste my time skirting round the issue here - these were pretty poor quality dark chocolates. Although they had a reasonably good melt and texture, the flavours that were released were too subtle and just did not contain any sort of substance. With dark chocolate you normally expect to be imposed with some stronger cocoa flavours in comparison to milk chocolate. These however just tasted like the Hershey's Sugar Free Milk Chocolates without the sweet milky influences. To be honest nothing more can be said than they really just lacked flavour - from the beginning to the end of taste no flavour elements really established a firm presence. If I was to liken it to anything I would say it was similar to mixing cocoa powder with water ... it was like a very weak hot chocolate - devoid of both charm and of course flavour.

Overall like many of the others from the Hershey's Sugar Free range these really failed to get up to a reasonable standard. Although having a reasonable texture and melt in the mouth, they lacked one fundamental thing and that was an imposing set of flavours. Maybe this was due to the lack of sugar? Or maybe this was just down to the poor quality cocoa? Whatever I really suggest this is another from this range you give a miss!

5.8 out of 10