April 3rd: Cadbury Pinky

Kcal 158 Fat 3.2g Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 30.3g

Before I kick off todays review I must first introduce ChocolateMission's newest friends over at Shopenzed. Shopenzed are a company based in New Zealand who supply and distribute NZ products worldwide. If you guys are enticed by any of the goodies that I will be reviewing over the coming weeks I suggest you pay a visit to their site, or get in contact with Lesley, the very friendly and helpful owner.

My first review from the batch of goods Shopenzed sent me is the Cadbury Pinky bar. This product would have fitted in very nicely in my reviews at the start of the year when I was looking for some lighter choices on the chocolate market. Containing only 148 calories, and formed of 'marshmallow and caramel covered in Dairy Milk chocolate' I was intrigued to see what it could offer.

Despite the low number of calories the bar was still a very sizeable product and weighed in at 40.0g. As you can see above the packaging and presentation of the bar were kept firmly with the name in mind, with the pink colours providing an interesting and unique look. As you can imagine the scents that emanated from the bar were very sweet, which gave a good insight into the taste.

The Dairy Milk chocolate that coated the bar was surprisingly thick in its portioning, which allowed it to substantiate the usual cream based taste to each bite. There did seem to be some difference between the NZ Dairy Milk and the UK stuff, as the chocolate here had less of a milk emphasis and was far sweeter. To be honest I don't know how much this was effected by the rest of the ingredients as the marshmallow was obviously very sugar based. In my opinion the sugaryness of the mallow was a bit monotonous and its foamy texture soaked up the caramel making it a bit anonymous in the taste. The mallow did seem to have the smallest of strawberry fruitiness to it, though it was very faint and at times completely undetectable.

Overall this was a bar that was dominated by the marshmallow element which unfortunately lacked a truly telling flavour base. The outer chocolate was of a good standard though the marshmallow quickly dominated proceedings making the taste incredibly sweet and one dimensional. I guess those looking for a lighter chocolate option could do little wrong at least trying one of these. The chocolate hit is there, but just a little short lived - I guess for just 158 calories you can't argue too much. This was certainly not the greatest Cadbury product I have ever reviewed but there will be more from my NZ selection coming soon!

6.1 out of 10