April 3rd: Fannie May Trinidad

Kcal 200 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 22.0g

I had been hoping to try some Fannie May products for a long time, and thanks to *IShop4YouII* I have finally got my wish. My first look at their range saw me sample their Trinidad offering - a single piece chocolate which was formed of a 'chocolate buttercream center in a pastel coating with toasted coconut'. For those that aren't aware Fannie May are a US based company from Chicago - in recent times ownership has gone to and fro several companies ... if you interested in reading further Click HERE.

I am aware these Trinidad chocolates also come in smaller selection boxes, however I received a 42.5g single piece. The outer packaging had a nice aesthetic appeal, it was simple yet classy and struck me as a more premium style brand. The chocolate itself was really quite sizable, although it was not the easiest product to eat I thought it looked appetising with its thick coating and whipped chocolate centre. As well as appearing physically imposing the product didn't fail to raise my expectations further with its smell. A wonderful array of sweet, vanilla essence aromas made themselves known as soon as the packet was opened.

All signs before tasting the product were good, and thankfully the quality was maintained. The outer pastel coating had a chocolate like texture and melted at a nice rate. According to the description the coating was supposed to contain toasted coconut, however in truth I really didn't get much of a coconut influence. The flavours seemed predominantly cream and milk based - they substantiated a very pleasant initial flavour set. The real treat to this product was the chocolate butter cream centre that was simply luxurious in every sense. It had a unique, dense, smooth truffle like texture ... it was superb. Contained within this distinct texture were some moist, fudge brownie like flavours that provided a really rich taste. I ate this Trinidad chocolate all in one sitting, it certainly made for a substantial snack ... and an enjoyable one at that.

Overall I must say I am very impressed with Fannie May's first showing - this product combined some delightful textures with some seriously rich flavours, and provided a very satisfying experience. The pastel coating could possibly do with a little tweak in its coconut content, which seemed a little lost in the grand scheme of the taste. One thing that doesn't need changing though is the rich butttercream centre, which was truly fantastic. If you like the sound of this one it could be well worth you getting hold of.

8.2 out of 10