April 4th: Wonka Tinglerz

Kcal 200 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 26.0g (per 40.0g)

Long time readers will be aware that 'Popping Candy has never been a favourite of mine - you only have to take a look at the scores for the Pop Rocks or Cadbury Elves to see how little I enjoyed them. Nonetheless, *IShop4YouII* included a pack of these Wonka Tinglerz in my latest package - suffice to say I wasn't holding out that greater hope for these. Produced by Nestle these were on-pack described as 'Poppin'tinglin, chocolate candy'.

These came in a 113.0g packet that I ate with the assistance of a few surprisingly willing helpers. The packaging was of a foil nature - as well as looking relatively pleasant it also kept the contents appearing reasonably fresh. I wasn't all that taken in by the presentation of the candy pieces themselves, they ranged in size quite ridiculously with some pieces the size of Maltesers, whilst others being no bigger than specs of dust. The smell that emanated from the packet wasn't all that bad - it was very similar to hot chocolate powder in that it was a mixture of cocoa and sugary, sweet smells.

So where do we start? These were not the most attractive product to eat and basically involved pouring a handful of odd looking shaped pieces and sticking them in the mouth. In comparison to the Pop Rocks and Cadbury Elves I didn't feel the popping sensation was quite as obnoxious, as the popping generally took place on the tongue rather than the back of the throat - I still largely failed to see its appeal though. In regards to taste it was really composed of a very sugar based milk chocolate, with a cereal like twist. I could detect predominantly corn and rice type flavours mixed in with the sugary sweet chocolate ... though all these flavours were extremely short lived in what was a really nonsustaining taste. These were one of those candys that if you really wished (and I didn't!!), you could seriously just demolish a pack in one sitting with very little thought or eventual satisfaction.

Overall these proved yet again to be another popping candy product that really failed to capture my imagination. Some of my fellow tasters actually quite liked them, and duly finished the packet in minutes - though myself I just wasn't taken in by either the popping candy texture or rather mild flavours I was getting from the chocolate. If it is popping candy your after I suggest you better look at the Pop Rocks bars, as these Wonka Tinglerz just didn't strike any real chords with me.

5.8 out of 10