April 5th: Ferrero Yogurette

Kcal 69 Fat 4.4g Carbs 6.7g (per 12.5g piece)

Considering my mild allergy to strawberries as a child, I was a bit cautious when I saw these in the latest package sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery. However, having looked at the rather minimal strawberry content included in the product (lower than 5.5%) I decided to chance it ... I am still here writing so I can confirm there were no ill effects :) Formed of 'milk chocolate filled with strawberry flavoured yogurt' - these sounded a very similar proposition to the Milka Strawberry Yogurt bar I reviewed earlier last month.

These came in a rather unique fashion - in the form of ten 12.5g stick pieces. The outer cardboard packaging was pleasant on the eye. The Ferrero branding was very reserved, with a great impetuous placed on the strawberry flavour theme. The chocolate sticks themselves were nicely presented with each contained within a foil/paper wrapper. The stick shape also proved relatively handy, in that it was a manageable amount to eat. Although the pieces were not sealed completely shut, they still retained some enjoyable fruity, dairy scents. It was notable that they avoided the artificial smell of other strawberry products I have reviewed before.

As you will be able to see above from the cross-section, the milk chocolate layer was relatively thin in comparison to the yogurt filling. Unfortunately I wasn't that greater fan of the outer chocolate - it had a somewhat lazy, waxy melt and just lacked the depth of cocoa flavours that I was really wanting from it. This is a common problem that I find with Ferrero products - their milk chocolate often just lacks the impetuous in its flavours. Conversely the inner strawberry yogurt was very pleasant indeed. In comparison to the chocolate it had a denser texture, which meant its flavours could be savoured for longer in the mouth. The yogurt filling's flavours were nicely progressive and brought some delicious creamy elements, before exerting a welcome tangy soured note. Despite the minimal portioning the strawberry was very much present in the taste, and complimented the creamy taste of the yogurt well with its tarty, berry flavours. Single pieces alone were by no means enough to give any real satisfaction, though three did nicely for an afternoon snack.

Overall I would say these Ferrero Yogurette were ever so slightly superior to the Milka Strawberry Yogurt, and this was largely due to the really balanced taste of the yogurt filling. The milk chocolate was really unspectacular, though the filling combined some creamy, fruity influences to deliver really quite an enjoyable product. This was not Ferrero's finest hour by any stretch of the imagination, though I would still recommend these for Ferreo and strawberry fans alike.

7.9 out of 10