April 5th: Oreo Original / Strawberry Mini Chocolate Bars

J-List have just sent me over another batch of the latest products that they have added to their massive range of Japanese snack products. A few weeks ago I reviewed some standard Oreo cookies from Japan, and came to the conclusion that they only slightly differed to the UK and US offerings. Today however, I tried what seems to be an exclusive to Japan product range extension - these Oreo Mini Chocolate Bars.

As you can see below I received both Original and Strawberry variants. Both came in foil bags, in which 12 pieces were contained within. As always with Japanese products the packaging was as ever vibrant, and very striking with their bold lettering and use of bright colours. Below are my thoughts on each variant:

Oreo Original Mini Chocolate Bars:

Kcal 49 Fat 2.9g Carbs 5.2g (per 9.0g piece)

Although I couldn't read any of the on-pack description I would more than expect it to say something along the lines of 'mini milk chocolate bites with rice cereal and cookie pieces'.

Releasing the pieces from their mini foil wrappers they emanated a sweet, chocolaty, cereal rooted aroma. This immediately set a realistic expectancy for the taste as it was these main elements that came to the fore.

Each piece was a nice size to put in the mouth whole - they were certainly smaller than I expected. The outer layer of solid chocolate was particularly thin, and soon revealed a lighter textured centre. The chocolate substantiated a very enjoyable creamy, cocoa flavour base, though its light texture meant that its melt was quite thin and short lived. The rice cereal and cookies pieces did bring some very welcome sweet biscuit, salty flavour elements to the taste though again these were very short lived in what was very 'a gone before you know it' chocolate bite.

7.3 out of 10

Oreo Strawberry Mini Chocolate Bars:

Kcal 49 Fat 2.8g Carbs 5.3g (per 8.9g piece)

As you can imagine this offered a vastly similar experience to the Original variant, though there were of course some pretty obvious differences.

Aesthetically some small specs of dried frozen strawberry could be seen amongst the centre of each chocolate. The strawberry element was very much evident in the aroma of each piece, which was noticeably fruity and heightened in terms of its sweetness.

The milk chocolate in this variant offered the same creamy, but short taste. The strawberry element was very forthcoming in its flavours and established some very pleasant bursts of tarty, berry flavours when bitten into. Although this extra flavour dimension was enjoyable at first I felt that in the aftertaste the strawberry left quite an artificial sweet flavour in the mouth, which obviously didn't reflect favourably on the added element.

7.0 out of 10

Overall these were some interesting mini chocolates from the Oreo brand, however I can't help but feel they could have been done that bit better. Both variants (especially the Originals!!) tasted pretty good, it was just the aftertaste and subsequent hunger fufilment where both variants were lacking. I think if your an Oreo fan you would get a lot of satisfaction out of these, though if it is a true chocolate hit your after you might be left a little unfulfilled.