April 6th: Fannie May Pixies

Kcal 200 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 24.0g

A few days ago I took my first look at the Fannie May range in the form of the Fannie May Trinidad. Dipping into my *IShop4YouII* box of treats once again, I decided to give these Fannie May Pixies their chance to shine on the ChocolateMission rating system. These Pixies were very similar in proposition to the Nestle Turtles I reviewed in July last year - so similar in fact they were identical :D and were comprised of 'pecans in caramel and milk chocolate'.

Fannie May must love their 42.5g serving sizes, as just like the Trinidad these Pixies came in exactly the same size. Hosted in a familiar white style packaging, I thought the presentation was all rather good. The pack consisted of three individual pieces that were protected by a cardboard sleeve. When cross-sectioned the caramel appeared plentiful, though the lacking of pecans was somewhat evident from this point on. The smell was not the most forthcoming though when searched for had quite a distinct buttery aroma.

Aesthetically I thought the thickness of the milk chocolate was lacking, though when it came to the taste it certainly didn't fail in exerting its influence. The chocolate was well substantiated in the taste early on, and the sweet cocoa flavours were immediate from the outset. The milk chocolate had a reasonably nice melt and transitioned into the caramel layer very smoothly. I was somewhat taken aback by the soft nature of the caramel - I was expecting it to be far more viscous than it was ... it was probably just a bit firmer than the stuff you get in Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel. In regards to flavours it was not the best tasting caramel ever, but it still delivered some fine sweet, buttery, burnt sugar type notes. As I suspected by looking at the product the pecans really lacked relevance in the taste, though this was mainly due to their ungenerous portioning rather than the nuts themselves lacking flavour. Where present they presented some very welcome earthy, salty notes that made it more of a shame they were lacking in presence.

Overall these were a solid, yet unspectacular product from Fannie May. The milk chocolate was very promising indeed, and It has certainly set my expectations high for other milk chocolate products from their range. Unfortunately due to the not overly incredible caramel, and lacking of pecan nuts this product wasn't as good as it really should have been. If you enjoy your milk chocolate, nuts and caramel combinations these Pixies could well be worth a look at. At the same time though I wouldn't say you should really go out your way to try them.

7.5 out of 10