April 8th: Pocky Marble Chocolat Framboise

Kcal 93 Fat 5.0g Carbs 10.8g (per 17.6g serving - 4 sticks)

Ever since I revealed that ChocolateMission had struck up a partnership with J-List.com I have literally been flooded with e-mails requesting some reviews on Glico's Pocky range. One short e-mail to J-List later and I have myself some of the latest Pocky lines. Today I tried out this 'Marble Chocolat Framboise' variant which from what I am told was Glico's special edition for this years valentines day. The combination of milk chocolate and raspberry liqueur sounded like an interesting flavour combination to me.

The product came in a pack that included three mini sleeves of 4 sticks. I thought the outer cardboard box was well designed with some simplistic but nice looking pictures and font styles. I was surprised at the thickness of the Pocky sticks - they certainly looked a lot thicker than I expected. Out their packet the brown and purple colours made the sticks looked interesting, whilst they also emanated a very pleasant vanilla smell that had just a subtle fruity hint to it.

Frankly I thought there was only one problem with this product and it was a pretty predictable one. Although I think the small packets were designed so the consumer would eat them separately, I frankly couldn't help but eat all three at once. The taste was simply moreish, yet pretty unfulfilling at the same time. The biscuit sticks all had a nice fresh crunch and substantiated some nice wheaty, slightly sugared favours to each bite. The coated portions of the sticks were packed full of the intended flavours with the cocoa nicely coming through early in the taste. As the coating melted in the mouth the more fruity influence from the raspberry framboise element came through, adding some very pleasant tart red berry hints to the taste. The coating did have a slight tangy yogurt element to it that made the flavours last surprisingly long in the mouth, this however didn't make the product any more fulfilling.

Overall it seems that the Pocky range has got off to a pretty good start on ChocolateMission. I can see the brands lack of hunger fulfillment potential slightly holding it back on the scoring system, however I am sure most consumers will know that these are probably not the snack to choose if they are looking specifically for this. In regards to taste the quality can not be doubted. These were nicely flavoured with both the chocolate and raspberry elements expressing themselves well. If your a fan of Pocky then I would really recommend these ... more from this incredibly diverse brand coming soon.

8.0 out of 10