April 9th: Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt

Kcal 570 Fat 37.7g Fat(sats) 24.4g Carbs 52.4g (per 100.0g)

Before the e-mails land in my inbox let me confirm that this was indeed a product sent to me by *IShop4YouII*. To cut a long story short a mix up at the post office in the US meant that a few Ritter Sport bars got mixed in to my package ... bizarre eh!? Well anyway, it seems that 'Strawberry Yogurt' really is flavour of the month in Germany; this is the third bar this month that has starred this combination - please see Milka Strawberry Yogurt & Ferrero Yogurette.

I can't quite work out where this bar has actually come from by the language on the front? Anyone? Though it still came in the usual 100.0g square bar form. The outer packaging nicely displayed the flavour variant, whilst I thought the pastel pink was an appropriate choice of colour. The bar itself looked particularly appetising, with the plentiful pink yogurt supplemented with some bright red strawberry pieces. Opening the wrapper I was immediately met with a pleasant concoction of chocolaty, red fruit smells - no sign of any artificial like elements.

Just as with every other Ritter Sport milk chocolate bar the chocolate did a grand job of carrying the inner filling. It established a pleasant chocolaty base taste from which the filling built on nicely once revealed after the smooth melt of the outer chocolate. The yogurt that sat below was delicious in its flavours, and had a familiar creamy, yet tangy impact on the taste. Until I saw the bar I could not determine how the strawberry was implemented due to the language displayed on the wrapper. Once I tasted it however I was pleasantly surprised to find that freeze dried pieces of strawberry had been used, and boy they had flavour!! The pieces delivered real zesty, berry bursts that had no artificial nature about them whatsoever. Normally I find some yogurt creme filled bars to lack a bit in their hunger fulfilment, however due to the fruity twist this bar really felt quite substantial in 50.0g servings.

Overall I was singing the praises of the Ferrero strawberry yogurt product earlier this week, but this Ritter Sport offering has quickly gone and trumped it. This bar implemented the strawberry element that little bit better, with the dried fruit pieces really exerting some fantastic, fresh tasting fruit influences. This combined with the yogurt and milk chocolate made for another highly commendable offering from the Ritter Sport range. As much as I recommend you try this bar, I have to say I have had my fill of strawberry yogurt combinations for awhile :)

8.4 out of 10