May 28th: Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Coated Butter Toffee Popcorn

Kcal 520 Fat 28.0g Fat(sats) 17.6g Carbs 60.4g (per 100.0g)

Given the sheer amount of times I have bought this product over the last year I am little curious to why it has taken me so long to get round to writing a review? I guess its not the most conventional chocolate product ever but hey we are talking about a site that has reviewed all sorts of random products (See HERE!!). I do have a soft spot for Marks & Spencer, though it is not like they have always blown me away with their confectionery offerings. Today's product on pack came billed as 'Belgian milk chocolate with a butter toffee popcorn centre' ... what possibly could there not be to like here.

For the purpose of this review I bought a 100.0g bag, suffice to say I wish I had bought a few bags at the time as it was empty in no time at all. The presentation was all rather standard with the pieces contained within a relatively simple looking matted bag. Things got a bit more exciting when the bag was opened, upon where I was met with a very butter led, sweet smell. The actual pieces themselves looked generally quite big, though there were a few smaller pieces in and amongst the selection.

The milk chocolate that coated each of the popcorn pieces was of a surprisingly good quality. It had a distinct creaminess to its taste and avoided being overly sweet. The cocoa flavours were not exactly that imposing but they substantiated themselves enough to bring a pleasant chocolate hit with each mouthful. Once the milk chocolate had melted into its thick liquid state, the popcorn centres were revealed and were of a similar highly quality. Each piece had fresh, fluffy yet crunchy texture, whilst both sweet toffee and salt notes were brought with their buttery corn taste. My only criticism of the product was that it was really not that fulfilling, which was obviously a bad thing given that every mouthful had a supreme moreishness. 

Overall there is no wonder I keep finding myself picking up a bag of these nearly every time I head in to M&S. These chocolate coated popcorn pieces are undeniably delicious, but are also dangerously moreish and unfulfilling. The bag I ate for this review was eaten in under 15 minutes ... which when you consider that it contained 520 calories and left me still hungry, tells you that this is not a product to be eaten for hunger fulfilment. If you feel like a chocolate inhibiting popcorn treat though you can do very little wrong here

7.2 out of 10