June 4th: Milka White & Rice

Kcal 525 Fat 27.5g Fat(sats) 16.5g Carbs 64.0g (per 100.0g)

From the same site that brought you such reviews as Milka Choco & Rice .... I today bring you .... duh duh dunnnnnn ... Milka White & Rice :D :D This was of course another bar sent to me by the fine folks at Dean-German-Grocery who so kindly sent me the latest bars that are gracing the extensive Milka range. As you can probably guess from my dramatic introduction this bar simply swapped the standard milk chocolate for white chocolate, and was filled full of rice cereal pieces.

with the milk chocolate variant this bar came in a 200.0g form that in comparison to the standard Milka range looked quite frankly huge. Again I liked the addition of the resealable fold that was included on the wrapper - I thought this was particularly handy for a product like this as I can imagine the cereal might have gone a bit stale had it been left 'el natural'. The chocolate itself looked pretty appetising as well with the cream colour of the chocolate nicely studded by the whiter rice pieces. The resealable flap also came in handy maintaining the lovely vanilla sweet smell of the bar that didn't fail to entice.

If you
have read my previous reviews on Milka White Chocolate before you will know I am not a great fan. I have previously described as too reliant on its sugar content and that its overall flavours were too monotonous and sickly. I pleased to inform you here that the rice cereal went a large way to curing these problems and really made for a thoroughly enjoyable bar. The white chocolate was of course its normal sweet self, however the inclusion of the rice managed to balance the sugary flavours with a more savoury cereal based taste. The rice not only balanced the flavours but also managed to break the taste down, allowing the vanilla notes of the chocolate to come through more in the aftertaste. The added cereal additionally brought a wonderful crunchy element to the texture, which further added interest to what was really quite a simply product.

Overall I was really quite surprised by this chocolate as it was one that I thought I had made my mind up on before trying. I was expecting to just experience the same overly sugar reliant product
that I did with the plain Milka White Chocolate, though I pleasantly found that the rice really managed to compliment it well and bring out its better attributes. As I said with the Milka Choco & Rice this bar reminded me of the Nestle Crunch but just a far better take on the rice and chocolate combination. If you were already of fan of Milka White Chocolate then I think this bar would really be one for you to get hold of. If your a doubter like myself you could also be in for a similar surprise should you give it a try.

8.0 out of 10