May 10th: Baileys Original Irish Cream Truffle Bar

Kcal 506 Fat 29.0g Fat(sats) 17.5g Carbs 54.2g (per 100.0g)

Back in June last year I reviewed some Baileys Original Irish Cream Truffles that I found in my local Tesco. Well accompanying these truffles on shelf now is this 'Truffle Bar', a product which simply constituted of 'milk chocolate with a Baileys Irish Cream liqueur filling'. A closer inspection of the packaging showed that the bar was produced by Lir Chocolate Ltd, I can't say I have heard of them myself, though they claim to be 'premium Irish chocolatiers'. 

The bar came in a 100.0g size that I ate over two separate sittings. The aesthetics of the product were a bit hit and miss. The outer cardboard wrapping looked very nice indeed and cut a very sophisticated and premium type look with its glossy finish. Inside though things were a bit different, as you can see above the bar lacked any sort of branding and just looked like any old generic bar. Once I split the foil wrapper I was met with some reasonably nice boozy, dairy smells that unfortunately seemed to depart very quickly making the product mostly scentless. 

Despite its very generic look the chocolate was actually quite tasty. It was very sweet and milk based in its flavours and despite getting dominated by the filling whilst in its presence, also managed to establish a nice vanilla note in the aftertaste. The textures and melt of both the chocolate and filling were very smooth, with the Baileys innards particularly having a pleasant softness. In regards to taste the Baileys liqueur centre was certainly forthcoming in its flavours. For my liking the alcohol hit was a little forceful, though once the initial flavour kick was tempered the delicious cream flavours came through. The taste longevity of this bar wasn't all that long, though 50.0g made for a reasonably filling snack.

Overall although I didn't enjoy this bar as much as the truffles it was still a reasonably satisfying product, and will certainly be enjoyed by all fans of Baileys. Personally I would have loved to have seen the Baileys filling implemented in a dark chocolate coating, as I think the unsweetened nature of the chocolate and richer cocoa flavours would make for a greater balance against the sweet, creamy filling. As I have said, fans of Baileys will get a lot of enjoyment from this product - for those people I recommend this bar. 

7.2 out of 10