May 10th: Glico Pocky Chocolate Crush

Kcal 71 Fat 3.4g Carbs 9.0g (per 14.1g)

My foray into the world of Pocky continued today with me trying the 'Chocolate Crush' variant. Of course this was yet again provided to me by J-List who stock all kinds of Japenese goods (See HERE!) and who just so happen to ship worldwide. With the packaging being all in Japanese I obviously couldn't read the product description - from the on pack pictures though it was pretty evident that this 'Chocolate Crush' variant was formed of standard milk chocolate Pocky with pieces of chocolate cookies embedded.

J-List sent me a box that included six packs of four sticks. I thought the packaging looked wonderful and the golden colour theme brought both a stylish and appealing aesthetic appearance. In addition to the nice looks of the packaging etc I thought the Pocky pieces also looked very appetising. They were exactly how they were displayed on the packaging with the knobbly surfaces giving a really distinct and cool look. Although contained within plastic packets and not foil ones the sticks had a very fresh feel about them and this became immediately apparent from the strong chocolaty aroma that emanated once opened.

Thinking back to my review of Glico Mikado last week I remember being astounded at the strength of the chocolate hit that was delivered from the thin coating. To be honest I didn't quite the same impact from the same layer here but it was still relatively strong in its cocoa flavours. The cookie pieces that lined the milk chocolate gave the same sort of flavours that you get from the biscuit of Oreo cookies. They added sweet bursts of wheat flavours and had left just the slightest of buttery notes in the aftertaste. As ever the biscuit sticks held up their end of the bargain and brought some sweet shortbread base flavours to each bite with their fresh crunchiness. These Pocky were a lot larger than many other Pocky variants I have tried so far and I felt that one packet made for a pretty adequate snack.

Overall this was one of the nicest Pocky flavours I have tried so far and would certainly have it again. Although the milk chocolate coating didn't quite have the same strength of Glico Mikado the additional cookie pieces made for a more substantial snack and one that was more variable in its flavours. The more flavours I try from the Pocky brand the more I am starting to understand why it is so popular. The concept of different flavoured biscuit sticks is a simple one but it is one that can still deliver big in terms of flavours if done correctly - like here. If your a fan of Glico Pocky I would really recommend these.

8.2 out of 10