May 11th: Oreo Double Stuff Cool Mint Creme

Kcal 140 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 20.0g (per 29.0g - 2 cookies)

I mentioned in my review of the Oreo Limited Edition Candy Cremes that I had also been sent a pack of Double Stuff Mint Creme by *IShop4YouII*. Having now worked may way through the entire 482.0g (it took me a few weeks!!) I can now pass my judgement on these 'mint flavoured chocolate sandwich cookies'.

As you can see in the picture above the packaging contained a resealable pull tab, that sealed back completely air tight. This impressed me as IT ACTUALLY WORKED!! As I said above it took me a few weeks to get through the entire packet, and this seal really did keep the cookies fresh all that time. Despite the day glow green centres I thought the cookies looked really rather appealing. The vibrant coloured creme centres appeared plentiful in their portioning (so they should be for double creme!!), whilst the biscuits had the usual Oreo branding on their surfaces. When opened the cookies emanated a very similar, appetising peppermint smell as with the Candy Creme variant.

As I had over 32 cookies in this packet I experimented with different ways of eating them. I tried them with milk, hot chocolate, ice-cream ... you name it I tried it. In every single eating occasion one thing I noticed each time was the strong, refreshing peppermint flavours. It varied ever so slightly from the Candy Creme variant in that it had more a menthol type minty nature, whereas the Candy Creme was a little more sugar based in its creme. Frankly I couldn't get enough of these. The mint centre was nicely refreshing, yet completely moreish with a fantastic creaminess. Again the biscuit could have had more of a chocolate impetuous, yet the combination of the sugar and salt elements still kept me coming back for more. Despite their moreish nature I still found that two biscuits made for a nice snack and felt that these were more fulfilling than any other Oreo variety I have tried.

Overall these are simply my favourite Oreo biscuit that I have reviewed. The combination of the refreshing minty centres and tasty chocolate biscuits made for a truly addictive taste that worked in a variety of different eating occasions. If you have never tried an Oreo Mint Creme milkshake then you simply haven't lived ... it was truly my favourite way of consuming these. I would be interested to hear from you all about your unique ways of consuming Oreos. If you are yet to try these fine cookies and are an Oreo fan I suggest you really make the effort and do so!

8.5 out of 10