May 13th: Lindt Cassis Mit Wacholderbeere

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Before you all go rushing off to Google Translate please let me do the honours - Lindt Blackcurrants and Juniper Berries. As you can probably guess this was another bar sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery from the ever expansive range of Lindt goodies they stock. This bar constituted of a 'milk chocolate mousse filling with a Blackcurrant liqueur and Juniper berry layer, coated in milk chocolate'. I have to say this was one of the more intriguing bars I have tried in a long while so this review is well worth your read .... honest ;)

This product was yet another in the Lindt filled 'Pods' range, and again came in the familiar 100.0g size. As always with this format I was impressed with the presentation - the outer packaging communicated the flavour theme well with some appropriate wild berry pictures. The chocolate pods also looked enticing with the dark coloured jam like substance seemingly very well portioned above the inner truffle filling. The jam not only looked appetising, but also had a large influence on the aroma of the product, which was notably very fruity in its fragrance.

One thing that particularly impressed me about this bar was the way the blackcurrant and Juniper berries were implemented into the taste of the chocolate. The milk chocolate that coated the product and formed the lighter truffle filling was not the most forthcoming in its cocoa flavours, however had a very pleasant dairy creaminess. The transition of the melt from the outer chocolate to the lighter truffle centre was very flowing in its smoothness, and really contrasted nicely with the more solid, almost jelly like texture of the berry filling. Personally I thought that the balance of the berry flavours was absolutely superb - combined they brought very striking, tarty, juicy red fruit flavours yet at the same time had a very complimentary sweetness. The aftertaste had the smallest of alcohol kicks it (due to the 'Creme de Cassis Liqueur!!), which increased the flavour longevity left in the mouth and made for an altogether more satisfying chocolate.

Overall this was a bar I wasn't expecting too much from, however delivered a very progressive flavour experience. The transition from the creamy chocolate to the fruity berry filling was extremely well implemented in each pod, and the smallest of alcohol kicks in the aftertaste ensured that the flavours were left nicely lingering. If your a fan of Lindt milk chocolate then this is yet another bar that I am sure you will enjoy. This is of course dependant on your love for red berries and currants, though I am sure, like me, you will all have been partial to a bit of Ribena in your childhood. Yet another recommended bar from Lindt's fine range.

8.6 out of 10