May 13th: Oreo Chocolate Bar Green Tea

Kcal 200 Fat 11.6g Carbs 21.4g

Pete at J-List told me it is getting rather hot in Japan so be sure to order all your chocolate from the J-List website very soon as it will be removed in the coming weeks. A few days ago Pete was so kind to send me along this Oreo Chocolate Bar Green Tea variant which I thought as product was probably about as Japanese as they come. This bar offered the same proposition to the mini size Original and Strawberry mini variants I reviewed a few weeks back but of course had a green tea flavoured centre.

The bar came in a 36.5g size that came in one single piece. I thought the packaging looked petty funky and liked the use of the light green colour to communicate the flavour theme of the bar. Apologies for the level of brightness on the cross-section picture - you will probably be able to make out the very distinct green centre. On one hand I thought it looked pretty unique, though part of me couldn't help but think that my chocolate had gone mouldy :) The aroma that emanated from the chocolate gave a clear indication of the taste of the bar and the tea element was very evident.

When I reviewed the Kit Kat Maccha Tiramisu the green tea element was more in the background of the taste and was not quite the star of the show. In that context I thought it worked rather well but I must admit my perception of the flavour here when it was more of a figurehead wasn't quite as positive. Just as with the mini Original and Strawberry variants the outer milk chocolate was extremely thin and didn't particularly give a chocolate hit of much note. The inner centre for me had both its good and bad points ... the bad mostly associated with the green tea flavours. I did enjoy the crunchy yet soft texture that it had and thought the sweet, buttery bursts of chocolate cookie flavour were very enjoyable indeed. Unfortunately though the aftertaste was really not that pleasant and the green tea flavour came across as very strong and imposing with its herby, almost bitter taste. Due to the lack of cocoa emphasis from the coating and light textured centre the bar really didn't feel like the most substantial of snacks.

Overall I guess the green tea and chocolate combination was one that I just never got to grips with. Just as with Oreo mini variants I reviewed despite the lacking chocolate hit the actual bare constituents of the centre filling provided an enjoyable chocolate cookie based taste. Unfortunately though I just didn't enjoy what the green tea flavours brought to the mix and just felt that they were out of place within the context of the chocolate. I guess this is one of those combinations you either 'get' or you 'don't' ... a bit like Marmite. When it comes to being a lover or a hater though, I guess when it comes to this bar I would have to say I was more the latter.

6.8 out of 10