May 14th: Thorntons Fudge Milk Chocolate

Kcal 557 Fat 36.7g Fat(sats) 23.1g Carbs 49.2g (per 100.0g)

Continuing my way through Thorntons' new square bars range I today tried out their 'Fudge Milk Chocolate'. This bar came very simply described as 'milk chocolate with fudge pieces', though closer inspection of the on pack blurb revealed that the milk chocolate was formed of Papua New Guinea cocoa in a 35% recipe. 

Just like the rest of the range the bar came in a 90.0g form that I ate over the course of two separate occasions. There isn't much to say about the presentation of the product. The outer packaging made use of an appropriate beige colour, though despite the bar itself looking nice with some well integrated patterns in to the surface the fudge pieces seemed very lacking aesthetically. Despite being rather anonymous lookswise the fudge element could be heavily detected in the smell, where a heavy vanilla sweetness complimented some standard cocoa scents. 

This was literally bar of two halves in that the second half I ate was a lot better than the first. The first 45.0g offered little more than a standard flavoured milk chocolate with just the smallest of honey type hints in its aftertaste. Every block I ate in my first sitting was devoid of any fudge pieces whatsoever ... a pretty stark contrast to the second 45.0g I ate that contained plenty. In the blocks where the fudge was present the chocolate tasted absolutely superb and had an extra buttery caramel element to its taste - it was absolutely delicious. The texture of the bar was also markedly improved with the fudge as it seemed a lot thicker where present. This chocolate was not the most substantial ever, though 45.0g at a time made for a fair enough snack.

Overall this was a hard bar to rate as my experiences from both servings were very varied. Where the fudge pieces were implemented the chocolate was very enjoyable indeed and provided a type of chocolate that no other brand is currently offering on the market. Frankly though there is no excuse for the lack of consistency with the dispersion of the fudge - there simply needs to be the same amount in each half of the bar, and by that I mean that Thorntons need to double up the fudge content and not just balance out the current 7%. This is certainly a bar with great potential and possibly worth trying if you fancy it.

7.6 out of 10